Previs Artist

Design (Art, and Previs) London, United Kingdom


Position at DNEG

Previs at DNEG London is a vital department for the studio and is right at the start of production happening before the Techviz and Postviz processes. Working from storyboards, scripts or just a concept, the Previs Department helps the Director visualise and sketch out key sequences across a variety of styles and projects. Our Previs artists are visual storytellers, skilled at using Maya and editing tools to create and communicate creative ideas and put together sequences that clearly and effectively tell engaging stories.

DNEG Previs London is looking to add Previs Artists of all levels to our existing London team.

Must Have

  • Advanced experience in character/creature/vehicle animation in Maya and comfortable in using Mocap data

  • Ability to generate story telling ideas from scratch, pitch them verbally and execute these into a coherent sequence

  • Knowledge of Viewport 2.0 in Maya and using lights to simulate cinematic film techniques

  • Strong understanding of different styles of cinematography, knowledge of film terminology and a good eye for shot composition

  • Background in general 3D to be able to carry out simple modelling/texturing tasks if required.

  • Experience in creating and using 2D Cards to sell elaborate VFX quickly and easily

  • Familiarity with non linear editing software such as Premiere, and be able to edit their shots from Maya into a appropriately paced and coherent sequence

  • Knowledge of Unreal a plus

About You

  • Highly motivated and proactive

  • Good communicator and able to take feedback and direction and interpret them effectively

  • Well organised and a creative problem solver with a good attention to detail.

  • Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines, whilst maintaining high-quality results.

  • Ability to work both on shots/sequences in a team environment and alone

Previs Reel requirements

An ideal reel would demonstrate the candidate’s ability to create a dramatic or action based sequence that the candidate has animated and edited together themselves, into a coherent story.

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