Colour Scientist

Production Technology (Pipeline, and R&D) Bengaluru, Karnataka Mumbai, India Chennai, India


Position at DNEG

Colour Scientist

This is an exciting opportunity to join DNEG’s Production Technology department and work as part of a team of talented Colour Scientists and Software Developers contributing to the technology and techniques behind exceptional - and award-winning - VFX and Feature Animation work, ranging from blockbuster epics to television dramas.

As a Colour Scientist, you will work with our teams to help advise and work on the technical colour workflow for DNEG’s Visual Effects, Feature Animation and Creative Services divisions. You will work closely with other Colour Scientists in the R&D department as well as artists, production staff and clients to help the company provide colour-accurate workflows, to design improvements in colour management, and to address current and future issues with the colour workflow. 

Key Responsibilities:

Our Colour Scientists are highly knowledgeable in aspects of colour science and grading and are logical and practical in their approach to solving complex problems. You will regularly be required to: 

  • Liaise with artists, supervisors and production to understand current and future needs in terms of colour workflow for images.
  • Investigate appropriate solutions and techniques to address technical colour challenges.
  • Collaborate with other Colour Scientists and the rest of the R&D department to fix problems as they arise.
  • Support artists, supervisors, and clients with their colour needs.
  • Design workflows to handle future requirements of colour management

Skills and Abilities:

Your technical expertise with both digital and film will be important in this role - you will have a good understanding of the DI process for both photo-chemical and digital formats, a good knowledge of camera formats ranging from digital to film, practical experience of colour calibration for film and digital, and a deep understanding of the metadata derived from digital cameras.

Personal Attributes:

As well as being technically proficient, you will also need to be a good communicator - you will be working closely with R&D Software Developers, artists and production staff to find solutions to technical colour issues and design improvements for our colour workflow, so your ability to articulate complex technical information to non-technical people will help you thrive in this role.

Must Have:

  • A deep understanding of imaging and colour science.
  • Expertise in digital cinema colour workflows.
  • Experience using, configuring and debugging Open Color IO workflows.
  • A deep understanding and experience with the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES)
  • Familiarity with Nuke
  • An understanding of the colour grading process, and how that data is stored (CDL, CC, CCC) and how it can be ingested into different types of software (Nuke, Avid, Da Vinci, Baselight) and databases.
  • Practical understanding of how to calibrate monitors and projectors.

Nice to Have:

  • Coding skills in Python and/or C++ in a Linux environment.
  • In-depth knowledge of movie encoding codecs.
  • Practical expereince with Colour Grading systems
  • A good understanding of the digital onset workflow involving the DIT
  • Knowledge of analogue film scanning, grading, recording, and dailies processes.

We would not be able to produce award-winning work without our Production Technology department, which is committed to nurturing an inclusive, diverse and exciting workplace. Our teams have a variety of backgrounds and originate from a number of different countries, working across the globe at the forefront of technology in the industry.

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