Creative Intern

Creative Los Angeles, California


Future advertising moguls: Go from green to mad (wo)man in just one short summer of indentured servitude!*

*Actually, you'll get paid. We're not animals.


So, you want to be in adverting? Mom and Dad said, "Really?" But your passion for creative problem solving, obsession with new and exciting communication mediums, and desire to potentially change our cultural landscape muted their skepticism. Well, its time to stick it to dear old Mom and Dad.

Doner LA, a nimble, scrappy, creatively led extension of our big brother in Detroit, is looking for brilliant minds and hungry souls interested in pursuing a career in the ever-evolving craft of advertising. We are offering paid internships all summer long for people with backgrounds in art direction, copywriting and design.

If passionate, driven wannabe ad man or woman is how you describe yourself at parties, please read on and apply in the area(s) that appeal most to your interests and background.

*You must submit a portfolio to be considered for this position