Project Reliability Analyst, Electrical

Maintenance / Entretien Ashdown, Arkansas




  • This position reports to the Reliability Superintendent and is responsible to ensure all reliability related requirements are implemented with regards to new asset installations, as well as review installations where this work was not completed, nor implemented at the “Best in Class” Level.  This includes asset strategies, spare parts, and Bills of Materials (BOM’s). This work would take place during the design/installation, commissioning, and startup of new equipment, working with Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and External SME’s for a complete asset management strategy to ensure success.  This will require participation by Project Engineers, Area Maintenance/Operations, Purchasing, Stores, and Mill Leadership.



  • Project Closure Tasks (or Previous Projects where this work was not completed)
    • Develop a list of recommended spare parts and submit store stock requisitions utilizing consistent formatting (work with corporate SAP support for MM/PM to follow developed standard formats for all part descriptions)
    • Build/Modify/Complete BOM’s as needed to provide complete information – not just validating partial data is present
    • Build Asset Strategies (ASD’s) and Reverse Asset Strategies where not documented – then create associated SAP maintenance plans
    • Verify drawings and manuals are transferred to maint/ops and attached to equipment within SAP
    • Create equipment files, both electronic and paper – follow Domtar Standard on process (Network Folder Structure that aligns with SAP Asset Hierarchy (using legacy mill equipment numbers) and attaching through URL’s to assets within SAP
  • Ensure all new assets are installed in a Precision State
    • Be present when Precision aspects are being completed to validate success by witnessing the final measurements
  • Ensure all asset management strategies are developed and ready for execution when the assets are being installed and placed into operation:
    • Precision Alignment
    • Lubrication
    • Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Routes
    • Shutdown/Startup Checks



  • Bachelor’s degree in an Engineering discipline and/or experience as a E/I, or Maintenance Planner
  • Ability to climb stairs, ladders, work around dust/chemicals/other substances, and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in designated areas.


Desired Knowledge and Experience:

  • Previous Experience in Pulp and Paper manufacturing or other heavy industrial setting
  • Experience with Precision Maintenance
  • Experience with SAP
  • Experience with Spare Parts management
  • Reliability Experience
This is a safety sensitive position.

Domtar is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, color, sex (including gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), marital status, religion, national origin, genetic information, disability, or veteran status.