NC5 Assistant

Operations / Opérations Plymouth, North Carolina


Candidates must be able to read, write, and do basic math (CRC will determine level). Must have basic computer and keyboarding experience. Candidates must have a minimum of 24 months steady work history with no major gaps in employment history (recent layoffs and graduations will be taken into consideration). Candidates must have a Career Readiness Certificate. Experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred. This position could possibly require rotating shifts.  

This job includes but is not limited to the following job duties:

      • Train to Sort Deck and Roll Handler Levels
      • Housekeeping duties
      • Operator Roll Wrapper
      • Operator Roll Ramp at Roll Wrapper
      • Operate #11 Upenders
      • Operator Sort Deck
      • Operate Tow-motor / Clamp-motor / Bobcat
      • Operate AutoProd PTS System
      • Fueling Propane Tanks
      • Operate Material Lift (Finishing and Machine Floor)
      • Operate NC5 Roll Wrap Line
      • Operate NC5 Winder Roll Deck
      • Operate Core Loading Table
      • Correct AutoProd PTS – Wrapper/Scale/Sort Deck Processing errors
      • Load Wrapper Film Roll
      • Load Roll Headers
      • Load Roll Labels
      • Calls for needed supplies (cores, headers, labels, tape, etc)
      • Operate No. 1 and No. 2 Lowerator
      • Operator Roll Transport Lowerator (Finishing and Machine Floor)
      • Check Package Quality per SOPs (offsets, run together, dishing, etc)
      • Operate core saw / cut cores as needed
      • Manage Raw Materials (Using Tow-Motor)
      • Assist In Winder Thread Up
      • Assist In Machine Lockouts
      • Operate Furnish Pulper
      • Operate Building Crane
      • Operate Reel Crane
      • Operator Roll Wrapper Hoist
      • Participate In Various Duties In The NC5 Winder Extraction Procedure
      • Participate in Fire Drill Procedure
      • Participate In Various Duties During Machine Outage to Include Rope and Clothing Installation
      • Participate in Machine Breaks
      • Check package Quality per SOP’s (check for offsets, RT, etc.)
      • Cut Cores per size and SOP as needed
      • Train to Sort Deck or Roll Handler level for line of progression.