Software Engineer (Node.js)

Technology Norfolk, Virginia


Position at is looking for smart engineers that have a passion for implementing new tech. As Software Engineer, you’ll be the engineer whose in-depth insight and experience will have a direct impact on new features. While working with development teams, your knowledge will help shape large-scale, consumer-facing systems and will fuse with your intense pursuit of new technologies to create and implement new builds, features, and components. In the process, you’ll deliver value to your team and users through your custom-scripted efficiency solutions that address stakeholder's needs.

You will:

  • Grow yourself, your management, your peers, and junior members of the team
  • Build efficient and reusable code and systems
  • Identify and address performance bottlenecks
  • Have a solid understanding of REST/stateful/stateless web services
  • Not be afraid to give feedback about any part of a process or system
  • Stay up-to-date on new technologies and architectures, and propose ways to implement them into our engineering process'
  • Ensure software quality by writing, running, analyzing and automating unit and functional tests
  • Have an understanding of how the APIS & back-end work and plan accordingly
  • Have the ability to comfortably program in any Unix/Mac/Win environment or willingness to learn
  • Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath
  • Implement testing practices including regression, acceptance, functional, and load testing

Other things that would be beneficial to have exposure to:

  • SCRUM/Agile
  • Node.js
  • Other SPA frameworks like React, Backbone.js, Ember, Knockout etc.
  • Working with a wide array of 3rd party backend technologies and services.
  • Developing in a server-side language (Node.js, PHP, Coldfusion, Ruby, Java, etc.)
  • Experience with MongoDB, Lucene Solr, or a NoSQL equivalent
  • Experience with a relational database technology: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or Oracle
  • Live or be willing to relocate within commuting distance of our home office in Norfolk, VA

Please apply now by sending your resume/github/stackoverflow including details of works and experience you're proud of.