Outreach Captain- Brockton

Community Engagement Boston, United States Brockton, Massachusetts


About Us

Archipelago Strategies Group, Inc. (ASG) is a full-service multicultural marketing agency that focuses on helping all communities gain access to critical information and resources. ASG believes that grassroots mobilization is the key to fulfilling our mission. With our clients, we have increased access to health care, education, and economic opportunities in Massachusetts and across the nation.

About the Position

Type: Contract   

Classification: Non-Exempt 

Location: Brockton, MA   

Rate: $20-22/hr 

The Scope of Work below is a description of the duties and responsibilities a Contractor can be asked to perform in the capacity of Captain.  They are to be used as guidelines and are subject to change depending on campaign assigned at the time of engagement.  


Manage outreach workers/Ambassadors: 

  • Captains will give workers their directions (what location they will go to, talking points, etc.)   
  • Workers will need to be checked in and out on the sign in sheet 
  • This will include a check of COVID symptoms  
  • Contact info needs to be gathered in the case of emergency  
  • Maintain weekly schedules and ensure that workers show up for their shifts and that their hours are tracked  
  • Ensure workers are well trained and executing tasks correctly 

Maintain materials: 

  • As captain you will be in charge of requesting and distributing all materials.   
  • Make sure we are keeping track of materials going in and out and what our total count is *by language* at the end of each day.  
  • Captains should do as much as they can to remain in one area (with their table and banner) to serve as a home base for workers and as a high traffic resource area.  

Track data: 

  • Along with outreach workers and materials we want to make an effort to track where we are sending workers and materials (specific areas, community partners, etc.) and whether or not they were successful (were materials given out, were people engaged in conversation)  
  • Make use of the notes field as much as necessary, there is no such thing as too much information  
  • Ensure workers accurately record outreach data on time as determined by campaign lead 
  • Hold workers accountable to consistently meet daily and weekly quotas for outreach contacts and attempts 

Take photos: 

As the old saying goes “pics or it didn’t happen”We want as many pictures as possible of the outreach efforts, feel free to take them yourself or have other workers take them but it is the captain’s responsibility to send them to the ASG lead at the end of each day.  

  • In particulartake pictures of efforts at community activations, pictures of the whole team with the banner, videos of conversations with business owners for sign posting, and videos of sound trucks when available.  
  • Take pictures that would clearly represent the event to someone that does not know anything about the activation 

Serve as main point of contact between the site and ASG lead: 

  • The ASG lead will be available at any time to assist you with anything you might need if there are any questions or concerns you have.  
  • It is important to make sure that your phone is charged and on in case the ASG lead needs to reach you.  

Skills and Qualifications 

  • Excellent communication skills including eloquence, active listening and interpersonal skills  
  • Access to a smartphone or tablet for canvassing, communications, etc. 
  • Canvassing experience, including the ability to learn about multiple issues and persuade without being aggressive  
  • Valid driver’s license or accesses to reliable transportation is strongly preferred  
  • Ability to work within a team and independently based on Company requirements  
  • Good time management skills to fulfill quotas within a specific period  
  • Physical stamina to stand and walk for long periods, meeting and talking to people  
  • Individuals who speak languages other than English and/or who come from multicultural backgrounds are strongly preferred   


  • $20-22 per hour, DOE.  

Captain must be able to drive, walk and stand for long periods and routinely talk to people about the vaccine campaign. They require a working knowledge of GPS software, maps, and other navigational tools. Captain and Ambassadors will also have to become fluent with canvassing software such as MiniVAN or Ecanvasser and understand how to log hours on Gusto online.