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Job Description


Our Mission is to improve the well-being of those we serve with a commitment to excellence: every patient, every encounter, every time.



Our Vision is to create a world-class health system to advance medicine and increase access for the communities we serve by empowering caregivers to heal through compassion, knowledge, innovation, integrated care and excellence.



To assure the smooth and efficient operation of the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance, Events Team and Mascot. Works within the Edinburg Conference Center team to provide clerical and data entry support for Doctors Hospital at Renaissance physicians/callers that inquire phone directory, physician referrals, community health education seminar information along with other healthcare services.



      High School Diploma or equivalent required.

      Valid Texas Driver’s License

      Must obtain BLS certification from the American Heart Association within 30 days of hire

      Knowledge of advertising, public relations and graphic arts.

      Must be able to be sensitive to cultural and bilingual issues.

      Good written and verbal communication skills required.

      Ability to read, write and speak English

      Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with all levels of nursing, administration, and physicians

      Some background in Performing Arts or Events Planning preferred

      Minimum 2 year experience working with production crew, patrons, administration and the community.

      Ability to transport set up and operate equipment necessary for offsite production.

      Ability to schedule and coordinate mascot and other productions within the community.

      Extensive knowledge of the use of social media for promotion and branding; including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

      Perform as Dr. Ted E. Bear Mascot at DHR approved events.

      Commit entirely to the assigned scheduled opportunities for “DR. TED E. BEAR "to appear at all sponsored DHR and events.

      Maintain Dr. Ted E. Bear costume.

      Assist in creating routines for promotional entertainment.

      Commit to appearances on the DHR campus and community events to promote DHR brand .

      Basic knowledge of theatrical terms and theatrical equipment including basic audio, props/costume and minimal set design as required.

      Public speaking and appearances with mascot at offsite locations.

      Planning and conducting varied and complex theatrical operations.

      Speaking clearly and effectively; writing legible and effectively; collecting, analyzing and interpreting data from a wide variety of sources.

      Knowledge of office software and computer applications.

      Bilingual preferred.

      Previous Acute Care Hospital or Healthcare clerical experience preferred. Medical Terminology preferred.

      One year or more in customer service, phone operator, scheduling.



      Demonstrated ability to communicate, problem solve, and work effectively with people; maintain emotional control under stress.

      Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written)

      Interpret policy and procedures

      Good communication and interpersonal/team skills.

      Must have a high regard for confidential information.

      Ability to work in a fast paced environment.

      Able to work independently and as part of a team.

      Work prolonged and irregular hours. Flexible scheduling to offset irregular hours after 5PM and some weekends.

      Ability to work outdoors for prolong periods of time in various weather conditions.

      Work with frequent interruptions.

      Heavy amount of standing, climbing, bending, and lifting.

      Some travel required.

      Performs other tasks related to the operation of the convention center or mascot as needed.

      Demonstrated ability to communicate, problem solve, and work effectively with people.

      Working knowledge of medical terminology.

      Ability to think analytically and to problem solve.

      Good communication and interpersonal/team skills.

      Must have a high regard for confidential information.

      Ability to work in a fast paced environment.

      Able to work independently and as part of a team.

      Computer skills and experienced user of Microsoft Office software.

      Accurate data entry at 40 WPM minimum.



      Schedule and coordinate mascot duties to include internal and external events.

      Develop scripts and educational material for mascot events.

      Design and create props for mascot events.

      Assist with scheduling mascot handlers.

      Oversee and maintain mascot inventory.

      Manage Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance and Dr. Ted E. Bear mascot social media including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

      Branding and Marketing of mascot through appearances, literature, collateral and promotions.

      Some public appearances with the mascot at offsite locations.

      Establish and maintain relationships with community partners.

      Assist with events scheduled in the Edinburg Conference Center.

      Assist with branding of Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance

      Provide coverage of front ticket counter assisting answering phone calls, providing event information, to interested clientele.

      Provide minimal Audio Visual support for events in the conference center.

      Have a basic understanding of operating Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance Audio Visual equipment.

      Basic knowledge of the workings of backstage operations.

      Experience working closing with DHR directors, departments, including different entities that rent or use the facility and the ability to tactfully adapt to their needs depending on the production.

      Prepare for and attend all scheduled events in the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance carrying out assigned tasks which include: some basic light and sound board, backstage or front of house operations.

      Assist in clerical duties performing office routines and practices associated with production and efficiently operated office.

      Performs other duties as assigned by the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance Director.

      Provide computer entries of incoming request/provider inquiries by phone, mail, or fax.

      Verify for a physician an inpatient hospital census-admits.

      Perform action required per protocol using the appropriate Database.

      Contact physician offices according to department guidelines to request updated or missing information for the call center.

      Provide excellent customer service for internal and external customers.

      Meet productivity standards.

      Maintain confidentiality and comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

      Meet attendance guidelines per policy.

      Follow “Standards of Conduct” guidelines as described in HR policy.

      Comply with required workplace safety standards.

      Other duties as assigned



ECCR Senior Management



Provide excellent customer service to all ECCR customers. All employees are required to attend the DHR C.A.R.E.S program which outlines the Customer Service Principals including: Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence through Knowledge and Safety & Social Conscience.



Employees must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served in his/her assigned unit.  The individual must demonstrate knowledge of principles of growth and development over the life span and possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient’s status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient’s requirement relative to his or her age.  




A.Essential Duties:Indicated by bold print within performance standards, preceding individual numbered criteria.


The following table provides physical requirements that will be associated with, but not limited to, this position:               

Light/moderate lifting up to 30 lbs, from the floor to shoulder height. 




Must be able to assist other employees with lifting more than 30 lbs.




Light/moderate carrying up to 30 lbs.




Straight pulling




Pulling hand over hand




Repeated bending




Reaching above shoulder


Climbing Stairs


Simple grasping


Climbing Ladders


Dual simultaneous grasping


Depth Perceptions needed


Ability to see


Identify Colors


Operating office equipment




Operating mechanical equipment




Ability to read and write


Ability to Count


Ability to hear verbal communication without aid


Operating Personal Vehicle


Ability to comprehend written/verbal communication


Other:  Ability to deal with stress


OSHA Category





B.Working Conditions: The individual spends over 95% of his/her time in an air-conditioned environment with varying exposures to noise. There is protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes.  The position does have low exposure to malodorous, infectious body fluids from patients and some minimal exposure to noxious smells from cleansing agents. 


C.Occupational Exposure: This position has minimal to no exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues and is an OSHA Category III (although situations can be imagined or hypothesized under which anyone, anywhere, might encounter potential exposure to body fluids).  Person who performs these duties are not called upon as part of their employment to perform or assist in emergency medical care or first aid or to be potentially exposed in some other way.    



Intelligence: General learning ability:  The ability to “catch on” or understand instructions and underlying principles.  Ability to reason and make judgments. 3


Verbal: Ability to understand meanings of words and ideas associated with them, and to use them effectively.  To comprehend language, to understand relationships between words, and to understand meanings of whole sentences and paragraphs. To present information or ideas clearly.              3


Numerical: Ability to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately.   2


Spatial: Ability to comprehend forms in space and understands relationships of plane and solid objects.  Frequently described as the ability to “visualize” objects or two or three dimensions, or to think visually of geometric forms.  2


Form Perception: Ability to perceive pertinent details and objects or in pictorial or graphic material to make visual comparisons and discriminations and see slight differences in shapes and shadings of figures and widths and lengths of lines.   3


Clerical Perception: Ability to receive pertinent details and verbal or tabular material. To observe differences in copy, to proofread words and numbers, and to avoid perceptual errors in arithmetic computation. 2


Motor Coordination: Ability to coordinate eyes and hands to fingers rapidly and accurately in making precise movements with speed. Ability to make a movement response accurately and quickly.               3


Finger Dexterity: Ability to move hands easily and skillfully.  To work with fingers in placing and turning motions.              3


Manual Dexterity: Ability to move hands easily and skillfully.  To work with hands in placing and turning motions.              3


Eye-Hand-Foot Coordination:Ability to move the hand and foot coordinately with each other in accordance with visual stimuli.              3


Color Discrimination: Ability to perceive and respond to similarities or differences in colors, shapes, or other values of the same or different color.  To identify a particular color, or to recognize harmonious or contrasting color combinations, or to match color adequately.              3



I have read and reviewed my job description with my supervisor or designee and I understand the job I am expected to perform.


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The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the work being performed by people assigned to this work. This is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities. DHR leadership reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet business and organizational needs as necessary.