Certified Surgical Tech/Certified First Assistant (CST/CFA) - FT- Days- OR

Allied Health Brownsville, Texas


Position at DHR Health


This position provides aid under the directive of a surgeon in exposure, hemostasis, and other intraoperative technical functions that assist the surgeon in performing a safe operation with optimal results for the patient. May provide local infiltration or the topical application of a local anesthetic at the operation site.  Participates in volume replacement or auto transfusion techniques as appropriate. Will assist with OR suite clean up and turn around. May harvest saphenous vein and/or radial artery open or endoscopically in open heart procedures with proper training. May perform other duties or procedures incident to the surgical procedure deemed necessary and directed by the surgeon or anesthesiologist.



  • High School/GED required
  • Credentialed by the LCC-ST or NSAA as a certified first assistant/certified surgical assistant or certified surgical tech having graduated from an accredited program in route to certification with proof of eligibility to take the exam for certification.
  • CST with current certification and two (2) full years of first assisting preferred.
  • CST with current certification who has completed an approved first assistant/surgical assistant program
  • Must be able to be sensitive to cultural and bilingual issues.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills required.
  • Ability to read, write and speak English
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with all levels of nursing, administration, and physicians
  • Prefer hospital experience
  • Current BLS certification
  • NRP certification within six (6) months of hire for Women’s Hospital employees
  • Must be flexible with work scheduling




  • Six (6) months – One (1) year continuous experience as a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST), Certified First Assistant (CFA) or Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA).
  • Must have proficient organizational skills and computer skills
  • Must have excellent customer service skills.
  • High degree of competency/experience in general. 
  • Requires good communication and organizational skills.
  • Requires reasoning ability and good independent judgment.



  • Promotes the facility mission, vision and values by effectively communicating them to others. Considers mission, vision and values in developing services, standards and practice 
  • Determines specific equipment needed per surgical procedure.
  • Reviewing permit to confirm procedure and special needs and participating in “time out.”
  • Appropriately select and place diagnostic tests for reference.
  • Assists in moving and positioning the patient.
  • Inserts and removes of foley urinary catheter.
  • Appropriately places the pneumatic tourniquet.
  • Confirms the procedure with the surgeon.
  • Appropriately drapes the patient within the surgeon’s guidelines.
  • Provides retraction of tissues and organs for optimal visualization with regard to tissue type and appropriate retraction instrument and/or technique.
  • Assists in maintaining hemostasis by direct pressure, using and applying of appropriate surgical instrument for the task, placement of ties, placement of ligatures, applying chemical hemostatic agents, or other measures as directed by the surgeon.
  • Ability to utilize unipolar and bipolar electrocautery.
  • Harvests saphenous vein, including skin incision, per surgeon’s directive.
  • Maintains the integrity of sterile field.
  • Closes wound layers, (subcutaneous and skin) as per surgeon’s directive.
  • Inserts drainage tubes per surgeon’s directive.
  • Selects and applies wound pressure.
  • Assist in resuscitation of patient during cardiac arrest or other life threatening events in the operating room.
  • Insertion of femoral arterial line under surgeon’s directive.
  • Performing any other duties or procedures incident to the surgical procedure deemed necessary and directed by the surgeon.
  • Performs other duties as assigned




  1. Registered Nurse →        Charge RN   →        3. Supervisor