Pharmacy Manager - FT - Days

Managers and Supervisors (Nursing and Non-Nursing) Edinburg, Texas


Position at DHR Health


Our Mission is to improve the well-being of those we serve with a commitment to excellence: every patient, every encounter, everytime. 



Our Vision is to create a world-class health system to advance medicine and increase access for the communities we serve by empowering caregivers to heal through compassion, knowledge, innovation, integrated care and excellence. 



Employee Health:



Human Resources:


This position ensures quality services by acting as a liaison between pharmacy department and department directors, nursing, clinics, medical staff and/or leadership.  The Pharmacy Manager will coordinate staffing at each pharmacy location. The manager will review hospital-wide stock levels, pharmacy financials and monthly inventory data of all departments and share information with pharmacy leadership. The manager serves as a resource for pharmacy technicians, pharmacist, clinics, nursing, leadership and medical staff and reports any issues to director for escalation.



  • Registered with Texas State Board of Pharmacy in good standing, Associate or Bachelor Degree preferred
  • Hospital pharmacy experience required with minimum three-year leadership role in a hospital/ health care preferred.
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements (state, federal and The Joint Commission, or other relevant area) Must be able to be sensitive to cultural and bilingual issues
  • Organizational skills are required along with good written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to read, write and speak English
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with all levels of management including: nursing, administration, patients and physicians




  • Supervises the activities performed in all pharmacy work areas including management, implementation of new process and procedures, records management, billing and reporting of statistics, and accounting functions as needed to leadership. Personnel


  • Performs personnel administrative tasks, including coordinating and participating in the hiring and promotion process, supervising the training of new non-pharmacist employees and the ongoing training of other employees, resolving unusual employee problems, and supervising employee time and attendance records.


  • Responsible for personnel files for each employee to include training acknowledgements:
    • Application o Terms of employment
    • HR Policy Absenteeism/tardiness HR-1003 
    • HR Policy Cellular Camera/Phone/Hand Held Device Use HR-1007 o HR Policy Discipline  HR-1012 o HR Policy Paid Time Off ( PTO)  HR-1037 o HR Policy Dress Code HR-1013
    • HR Policy Work Rules and Regulations HR-1054 o Reporting Incident report on QUANTROS training
    • Probationary & Annual performance evaluations with physician input as needed o OSHA training/exposure control
    • HIPAA Training

Employee Health:



Human Resources:


  • Hazard Communication Training o Fraud & Abuse Prevention Training  o Kronos- Time Keeper Training o Uniform order form copy o Application For Computer Privileges o Computer User and Protected Information Access Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement o Authorizes overtime with justification  o Responsible for pre-approving vacation request for all team members.  Responsible for appropriate scheduling levels  of staff at all locations. 
  • Responsible for scheduling to cover temporary and/or open positions
  • Responsible for rectifying personnel problems as relate to staff efficiency and effectiveness and/or notifying director of issues.
  • Responsible for keeping current on work and/or overtime policies
  • Responsible for keeping current on legal issues as pertaining to Confidentiality, Documentation, Consent forms, Accountability for controlled substances
  • Actively seeks ways to improve level of pharmacy department performance Payroll editing, review and preparation for signing off by director.   



Team Meetings

  • Responsible for: daily huddles, monthly meeting with all team members, and monthly meeting with department
  • Responsible for providing weekly follow up and feedback on required actions based on meeting discoveries through Agenda and sign-in sheets



  • Responsible to ensure pharmacy schedule is maintained to assure proper coverage of positions, work schedules and optimization of  resources
  • Hires team members and facilitates training as needed
  • Supervises and coordinates the work of pharmacy staff , through assigned supervisors including reviewing work performance, motivating subordinates to work more effectively, identifying problems with performance and developing solutions to those problems, determining training needs to improve performance, initiating informal measures to correct misconduct or making recommendations for formal discipline
  • Schedules regular in-service programs to keep team members current

Employee Health:



Human Resources:


  • Responsible for staying current with state and federal regulations which govern the clinical environment


Financial Management

  • Operates within the context of an established budget
  • Assures that accounts payable are properly managed by responsible staff  
  • Keeps director informed of department activities on a weekly basis in regard to:

o Avoidable medication events  o Fiscal and/or inventory issues  o Any other statistics as may be required

  • Responsible for overseeing the inventory levels on a quarterly basis
  • Reviews on a daily basis missed charges and/or patient information properly flowing through pharmacy interfaces.
  • Establishes and implements financial controls
  • Submits or ensures completed information for all pharmacy licenses.
  • Responsible for ensuring pharmacy inventory is completed by 5th of each month as outlined by accounts payable as needed
  • Responsible for review of daily interface billing issues for accuracies/completeness
  • Responsible for pharmacy charges posed daily and reviews for inaccuracies/completeness


  • Responsible for reviewing monthly pharmacy financials and identifying areas of improvement
  • Responsible for delivering pharmacy operation monthly report as assigned
  • Responsible to ensure daily, weekly and monthly audits of units and controlled substance are submitted 
  • Works closely with revenue liaison team member, billing, and revenue cycle for billing compliance, timely closing  and hospital charges


Pharmacy Operations

  • Oversees daily pharmacy operations and delegates authority to assigned team members.
  • Assists team members in developing and implementing short- and long-term objectives to maintaining appropriate turn-around times of delivering of medications. 
  • Assists team members in understanding/implementing of pharmacy procedures
  • Ensures appropriate team staffing levels to maintain efficient work flow
  • Supports and upholds established policies, procedures, quality improvement, safety, environmental and infection control
  • Maintains requirements of accreditation and regulatory agencies, ie. Joint Commission, Texas State Board of Pharmacy, CMS, DEA.

Employee Health:



Human Resources:


  • Assures proper maintenance of all office equipment, schedules maintenance and upgrades of equipment an recommends purchase of new equipment
  • Ensures pharmacy DEA,  Texas State Board of Pharmacy, CSOS licensure are kept current
  • Handles complaints from clinics, patients or physicians with excellent customer service skills and monitors patient service feedback and helps resolves complaints and service issues
  • Is required to acquire all pertinent information on patient complaints and start the first step to service recovery with emphasis on the importance of improving the “patient experience”
  • Manages daily operations at satellite pharmacies, coordinates the work activities and schedules and develops goals to ensures they align with organization goals 
  • Oversees and ensures the monitoring of temperatures of drug storage areas with organization..
  • Monitors that the pharmacy locations in terms of inappropriate access to departments and/or closed areas




  • Responsible for assuring that there is an OSHA plan in regard to: blood-borne pathogen program, hazardous chemical communication, bio-hazardous waste tracking and  exposure control plan
  • Assures that all team members understand how to dispose  bio-hazardous waste: sharps, contaminated supplies, and  chemicals
  • Responsible for scheduling employee in-service meetings to familiarize team members of mandated



  • Responsible for assuring pharmacy compliance signage, eyewash station as needed



Pharmacy and Medical Record Activity

  • Responsible for maintaining a current, accurate medical record
  • Responsible for assuring accurate and timely entries of pertinent information on:
    • Invoices
    • Reports from outside facilities
    • Controlled Substance monitoring
    • Need Meds
    • No Shows/cancellations
  • Responsible for assuring quality, confidentiality and timeliness of activities, whether, preformed inhouse or by an outside vendors
  • Responsible for maintaining a policy to assure confidentiality of Medical Records 


Department Maintenance

Employee Health:



Human Resources:


Ensures department is properly maintained and functional by communicating with o EVS services  o Engineering for repairs/other regular maintenance o Utilities

o Outside Vendors (Pyxis, etc.. ) 


      Time Management

  • Assists the staff with time and PTO requests
  • When necessary acts as a liaison between the pharmacy department, anesthesia/medical staff and other departments and vendors


Practice Enhancement Marketing

  • Responsible for the submitting requested information for pharmacy to Quality and marketing department
  • Performs physician and patient correspondence as necessary to promote positive relationships
  • Responsible for representing department as deemed necessary o Health Clinics  o Special events o Other
  • Represents the department through participation in local professional associations and community activities,


  • Performs any and all other duties which may be required to assure proper administration and management of the department
  • Other duties as assigned




Director of Pharmacy,  Assistant COO