Equipment Purchasing

Administrative Tampa, Florida


The corporate purchasing team is looking to add another person to their purchasing team. The corporate purchasing team is primarily responsible for the sourcing and procuring our inventory of equipment, accessories, peripherals, and software, as well as supply items that are stocked in our various warehouses. This person would primarily be on the Equipment Purchasing Team and would float over to the supply purchasing side as needed.

Some of the duties include timely answering of requests from emails, creating and placing purchase orders at our vendors. Providing ETA’s for the different deals and warehouses as needed. Researching and sourcing items that are requested that are not part of our normal lineup. Posting and creating payment to some vendors. Overall making sure we are making the best purchasing decisions for DEX that maximize our profit and serve our customers both internal and external.

The ideal candidate will come from within as they will need good solid knowledge of our Eauto system, computer skills, product knowledge of what we sell and who we sell it to, and experience with our company and its inner workings. They will need the ability to respond quickly to challenges that are time sensitive and detail oriented. Must be able to communicate very well with our team and within our company. This is an hourly position, and range is $18.00-$19.00 hr. depending on experience.

This position reports to Robert Luzzi Director of Purchasing at Tampa Corporate.