Senior Signal Processing / DSP & Tuning Engineer: Speakers and Automotive

Research and Development Shenzhen, China


Senior Signal Processing / DSP & Tuning Engineer: Speakers and Automotive


Shenzhen, China


  • Inside a small & reactive cross-functional product engineering team dedicated to licensing projects, you have the responsibility of all the Audio Signal Processing topics for the Asian projects.
  • You work on all project phases, from very early pre-studies to the industrialisation stage.
  • You share the same overall goal as the full team: bring Devialet technologies and know-how to a wide range of products to ensure company's growth: Home Speakers (smart, soundbars, portable,...), Professional studio and Public Address speakers, TVs, Smartdisplays, Smartphones and Tablets, Computers (laptop, all-in-one), accessories Automotive and also Headphones. These products can be positioned on a wide range of customers (OEM/ODM, international brands), active on a wide range of markets: electronic, social media, luxury, audio, internet, …
  • You enjoy great autonomy and responsibility: you are responsible for the good execution of the technical tasks related to the signal processing, as well as for the technical communication with the clients.
  • You do most of the work by yourself in Shenzhen within the local team, and you have the full support of the Signal Processing teams in Paris.

Key role

  • In early project phases (pre-sales), you - 
    • interact with the clients to understand their needs, analyse their requirements, and understand the key features and technical specificities of their products;
    • interact with Devialet's Teams in Paris to ensure that all key requirements for audio quality are respected;
    • prepare demonstration set-up to ensure that the demonstrations made to the customers are done with the highest quality standard;
    • ensure very good technical communication between the customer and Devialet's team. For that, you need to speak perfect English and if possible Chinese;
    • interact with the Paris team to set up the signal processing tools needed for the demonstrations, and make the first objective and subjective tuning of the system;
    • interact with the Paris team to create locally some demonstrators, which could be speakers and automotive.
  • In project design phases (contract signed), you help the licensing engineering team working and validating the samples, and you help the customer to reach its targets milestones. You perform the objective and subjective tuning of each step of prototyping.
  • In the product industrialization stage, you -
    • help the customers applying Devialet standards to test and validate the prototypes;
    • ensure a very fast and smooth technical communication between the customers and the Paris engineering teams.
  • In addition to the core DSP and Tuning tasks, you must be able to have a wide understanding of the other tasks (SW, electronics, acoustics, project management, product design), to ensure a smooth integration within the team, and a great communication capacity to ensure smooth and fast communication with the clients.
  • You are autonomous and able to understand the key aspects of audio engineering for a wide range of product categories.

Key technical skills

  • Signal processing for audio: good understanding of the audio paths and audio algorithms for all kinds of audio products
  • Tuning of audio systems: speakers and automotive
  • Audio prototype demonstration
  • Audio Engineering for speakers and headphones
  • Basis of Electrodynamic transducers
  • Basis of Electronic, amplification systems
  • Basis of signal processing: C language, Linux OS
  • Basis of software engineering
  • Know-how and experience in audio product acoustics measurements, validation tests, and manufacturing
  • Softwares: MaxMSP, Adobe Audition, Matlab Simulink
  • Measurement tools: Audio Precision, Klippel, lasers and microphones instrumentation
Key soft skills
  • Language: Fluent in English, Chinese is welcomed but not mandatory.
  • Motivated by audio products, willing to learn
  • Willingness to work remotely from Shenzhen in a French company with HQ in Paris
  • Reactive & Flexible
  • Hard-working
  • Ability to work on multiple projects in parallel
  • Autonomy
  • Passionate by sound and music


  • Engineering Master degree or equivalent
  • From 5 to 10 years of experience in audio signal processing & tuning