VP of Software Engineering

Engineering Broomfield, Colorado


About Us:

Derive Systems is a leading automotive technology company with over 2 million software installations powering upgraded vehicles on our roads today. Derive connects vehicles and their engines to the digital world, enabling individuals and fleets to take control and optimize for performance, fuel efficiency, safety, and more. The Derive Systems platform leverages added on-board intelligence, powerful cloud data integration, enhanced sensors, and cloud technologies to personalize every automotive experience. We transform vehicles from one-size-fits-all, to deliver smart, dynamically adaptable, and mission-specific experiences.

Role Summary:

At Derive Systems, we believe that our team is our greatest asset in achieving our future success. We are looking for a software engineering leader to champion the continued success and rapid scaling of our platform. That means finding a truly spectacular individual who can inspire, execute, participate and empower. Today, Derive comprises around 200 talented team members across 3 locations: Idaho, Colorado and Florida. Our business is already growing rapidly, and our unique ability to upgrade vehicle software continues to create incredible market demand for our expansion.

The ideal candidate has experience across a range of software engineering disciplines. Most importantly, they are a system architect able to think from capacitor to cloud, and from the individual product to the platform as a whole. Prior experience as a senior developer is essential, and technical leadership experience will be required across application development (windows, iOS, Android), cloud platforms (Azure, Google), databases, authentication/authorization, encryption/security and beyond. Our products and cloud platform are being built to scale to millions of continuously connected endpoints, with mobile-first UX and customer experiences personalized by analytics on the terabytes of data generated. The ideal candidate has been waiting for an opportunity this awesome to come along.

Besides the technical aspects of the role, every team member at Derive is tasked with being a cultural leader, team builder, and an empowering collaborator in our mission. Continuing to build a world class, diverse and performance-oriented software engineering team will be key to success in this role. Expect to be asked who you would bring to the team when you join, and to learn about how we hire for a hungry, humble, happy and smart team.

This role is a career-making opportunity to leverage deep experience toward a vision that is rapidly disrupting a trillion-dollar industry. Derive has an elite engineering team with backgrounds from top consumer, automotive and enterprise technology companies, and as such, a leader will need to be both at the top of their game and energized at the idea of driving a high-performance group to even greater heights.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. System Architecture
    • Leverage the experience and skills of Derive’s software team to design the short- and long-term system architectures across our platform and products.
    • Collaborate closely with our Embedded Engineering Team toward a system architecture that stretches down to the resistor and up to the cloud, connecting firmware, mobile, desktop, web and more.
  1. Agile Development
    • Optimize team execution through agile development, tailored for the products and goals of the company.
    • Balance process with flexibility, investing in security, scalability and stability alongside new features.
  1. Empowerment
    • Derive’s software team has experienced, talented leaders in place and a strong bench of high performing talent. Empower team members to leverage their experience and take ownership of areas they are passionate about, with the support and collaboration of the broader team.
  1. Growth
    • Empower the team to grow, take on new skills and responsibilities, and lead at all levels. As Derive grows, many new opportunities continue to emerge for leadership, whether in managerial roles or technical leadership areas. Be an active mentor to the team achieving their career and technical goals.
  1. Collaboration
    • Be a strong partner to engineering leaders across Product Management, Project Management, Embedded Engineering, Vehicle Engineering and beyond.
    • Interface successfully with other company executives in Sales, Marketing, Finance and beyond, reporting out regularly to other senior leaders across Derive and being a champion for both the software and overall engineering future of Derive.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering discipline
  • Prior roles as senior or executive engineering leader
  • 10+ years of engineering management experience
  • 15+ years of engineering contribution, across a range of relevant disciplines
  • Recent experience managing teams of 20+ software engineers including teams developing cloud platforms, mobile apps and desktop applications
  • Proficient in .NET and expert on Azure
  • Proficient in Java and expert on Google Cloud Platform
  • Proficient in iOS and Android development team leadership
  • Expertise in Agile methods, and the pragmatic application of Agile to optimize the performance across a range of software team configurations.
  • Leader of cloud platform development, with examples of having architected and lead the development of one or more scaled cloud platforms linked to hardware devices.
  • IQ+EQ: an eagerness to teach as well as learn, and a demonstrated ability to help scale a fast-growing technology company around a successful product portfolio, driven by strong leadership skills.
  1. Derive employees may not use any Derive product, or assist any customer in using any Derive product, to tamper with the emission control and/or OBD systems installed on a motor vehicle regulated under the Clean Air Act by removing or making the emission control and/or OBD systems inoperable. 


  1. Derive employees may not develop, manufacture, sell, transfer or install any Derive product for use on a motor vehicle regulated under the Clean Air Act where the Derive product bypasses, defeats, or renders inoperative the full functioning of the emission control and/or OBD systems.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, employees may use a Derive product to temporarily bypass an emission control and/or OBD system for legitimate purposes (e.g., rear O2 sensors while a vehicle is on a dyno for developmental testing purposes). 


  1. Derive employees may not assist any customer in its use of a Derive product where the employee knows the customer is using the Derive product to bypass, defeat, or render inoperative the full functioning of the emission control and/or OBD systems on a motor vehicle regulated under the Clean Air Act.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, employees may assist a customer to use the Derive product to temporarily bypass an emission control and/or OBD system for legitimate purposes (e.g., rear O2 sensors while a vehicle is on a dyno for developmental testing purposes).