Automotive Device Installation Technician

Technical Support United States


Derive Systems is looking to hire travelling telematics installers. Our telematics assist organizations all throughout the United States with the reporting of data necessary to manage their fleets of vehicles. Our telematic device is an OBD II plug-in device that allows fleets to not only understand where their vehicles are located but to also help fleets solve efficiency issues within their day-to-day operations.  The device simply plugs into the OBD II port (located below the dash) via a Y Cable splitter.  This installation is plug-and-play and can realistically be accomplished in 15 to 20 minutes.  During the installation, technicians may be required to uninstall any legacy equipment residing on the vehicle’s OBD II port, install the Derive device, and finally conduct some minimal amount of standardized QA testing. 

Installers will also be trained in vehicle calibration, different types of installations if the OBD II port is unable to receive the telematics device, and the installation of other forms of telecommunication reporting devices.  
This is a contract position, with nationwide travel throughout the US as needed. You will receive base pay, and your pay will be generously compensated based on the number of installations you accomplish each day. Technicians will have full travel planning support from a Derive Systems’ Coordinator during this effort.  This will include the booking of company paid for hotels, plane tickets, and rental cars.  



  • Automotive or light IT skills desirable, but not necessary.   
  • Great Customer Service, Communication (written and verbal) is necessary. 
  • Superior work ethic is required. 
  • Current Driver’s License is required. 
  • Bilingual Speakers (English and Spanish) are a plus.