Front Line Management Technician

Technician - Interior Repair Newburgh, New York Wappingers Falls, New York


Technical Responsibilities:

  • Clean, dye, vacuum and groom all interior carpeting and floor mats for customer vehicle.
  • Remove stains from interior vehicle components.
  • Apply floor and trim plastic smoothly over dry substrate.
  • Ensure that all used inventory is refreshed to standards weekly
    • Clean mats and stripe mats
    • Maintain plastic (not dirty, crumbled or foggy)
    • Remove any trash in vehicle
    • Ensure that the vehicle is test drive and delivery ready


Administrative and Other Duties:

  • Ensure each vehicle serviced is billed out properly using correct stock, VIN and price.
  • Walk and inspect used inventory, present needed services to Dealer Management.
  • Accurately record supplies used on each invoice to ensure accurate inventory control.
  • Scan and submit copy of each invoice before leaving the customers’ lot.
  • Ask authorizing dealer manager questions around quality of work to ensure a good relationship with dealership.
  • Message your daily totals to your divisional leader before leaving final lot of the day.
  • Maintain appearance/service of company vehicle.
  • Maintain minimalist presence on lots (out of view as much as possible).


Work experience:

  • Strong communication and interaction skills required.
  • Excellent organizational skills required.
  • Valid Driver's License and good driving record required.
  • Other vehicle detailing experience a plus.