Data Analyst

Project Management Chicago, Illinois


Army Data Analyst + Workfront Administrator


Candidate Experience and Skills Preferred:

  • Able to establish leadership on Workfront requirements with stakeholders. Easily recognized as the person who can answer questions, process, and everyday activities as it relates to the Workfront capabilities and adoption.
  • Highly capable of creating various dashboards and reporting tools within Workfront (or similar).
  • Experience and deep understanding of API integrations and Visual Basic.
  • Ability to review and QA data from multiple systems – including a high confidence level and deep understanding of the impacts across those various systems.
  • Ability to break down complex information in ways for non-technical resources to understand. (i.e. be able to tell a story using data points and trends).
  • Ability and willingness to learn new technologies and methodologies.
  • Ability to maintain focus under pressure, be thorough, and keep a positive attitude.
  • Ability to understand the outcome, not just the process.
  • Extremely high standards for work and behavior: accountable, reliable, and dependable.
  • Acute attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Understanding of an end to end project plan – including project planning and resource management features in Workfront.
  • Ability to drive multiple streams of work concurrently while meeting deadlines and maintaining proper documentation and reporting.
  • Ability to work independently to tackle problems and direct to solutions. Be highly adaptable, able to anticipate issues and needs before they arise and take the necessary steps to alleviate and/or mitigate.
  • Experience with project management tools (Microsoft Suite, Smartsheets, Workfront, Box, etc.) to digest the day-to-day operations, help automate tasks, ensure quality, and promote process efficiencies.

Day-to-Day Core Competencies:

  • Workfront Administration, Support and Enhancements
    • Maintaining and monitoring of rest API integration between Workfront and Microsoft Dynamics including troubleshooting, maintenance, quality assurance, version control, updates and bug fixes.
    • Assisting end users with accessing and organizing various data points – including but not limited to building various views, reports, and dashboards.
      • Creating documentation at various communication levels including but not limited to technical, business oriented, user friendly, etc.
      • Conducting training sessions and/or seminars (1 on 1 or classroom setting)
      • Communication with stakeholders and product owners to understand business requirements.
      • Partners closely with Workfront Support as the liaison of the agency to report on defects.
      • Portfolio and user management including – new users, access control, taxonomy, etc.
      • Creative problem solving; offers up best in class ways to achieve requirements through customization and originality.
  • Data Analysis
    • Run, export and manipulate various reports from multiple systems (Cognos, Microsoft Dynamics, Workfront).
    • Manipulate and understand data via pivot tables, charts, graphs, and other (more visually appealing) methods.
    • Run data calculations and automate where possible.
    • Deliver large data reports to multiple teams on a regular cadence.
    • Creation and QA of monthly financial burn reporting.
    • Builds various templates for purposes of automating data entry and population from other teams.

Key Deliverables:

  • Burn Reporting – Monthly
    • Responsible for ~25 burn reports each month – including creation, review, QA, and rollup and consolidation, graph creation
  • Spend Plans / Forecasting Reports
    • Provides updated forecasts, pricing reports, and/or spend plans on a weekly basis.
  • Dashboards / Workfront Maintenance
    • Creates dashboards and reports on an as-needed basis to help monitor accuracy of data (i.e. project setup, user management, etc.)
  • Backlog Grooming
  • Weekly backlog grooming of reported defects, critical enhancements, nice-to-haves.
  • Bug Fixes or implementation of new features / enhancements
  • Daily Quality Control measures of Workfront Data and AX Data
  • Integration of Partner data into a dashboard for DDB live access and planned integration into CPH (NEW)
  • Quarterly and ad hoc trainings for new and existing Army team staff
  • Manage Army team licenses
  • Backend Data Management (removal, revisions, labor category updates and team and rate card adds)
  • Expand Workfront integration to include financial data from partners/affiliates
  • Create PTO Management Tool and View



Required Skills:

  • Workfront administration or experience in working with other Project Management and Resourcing solutions.
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Excel.
  • Rest API integrations and SaaS platforms.
  • Visual Basic highly preferred but not required.
  • Highly collaborative and creative problem solver leveraging potential custom solutions as required to solve a problem or meet requirement.
  • Experience with financial reporting such as burn and forecasting.
  • Advertising agency experience huge plus.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferably in Data Analysis, IT, Computer Science
  • Solid track record of successfully leading projects from initiation to completion on time, on budget, and within scope.
  • Experience in managing project-based type contracts (vs. retainer).

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