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The Copywriter forms a creative team with an Art Director, and is responsible for developing outstanding advertising concepts and copy that sell the client’s product or service. Based on a client brief, it is his/her task to develop creative concepts for advertising campaigns, which cover print, TV and radio commercials, new media solutions and approaches, sales promotions, etc. The Copywriter and Art Director report to the Executive Creative Director.




The responsibility of the copywriter is to convert information provided by the client and account personnel (information concerning unique selling points, target market profiles, purchase motivations, and so on) into an effective, persuasive sales message. The message must be presented in such a manner that it stands out and is relevant to potential customers. The copywriter develops the main idea of the advertisement presentation in conjunction with the art directors, then creates its various verbal components: the headline, sub-headlines and body copy or text.

  • Provides copywriting expertise
  • Generates effective and imaginative headlines and copy
  • Implements strategy
  • Understands marketing and creative strategies for assigned brands
  • Translates creative strategies into dramatic, innovative executional concepts
  • Bring ideas to life with vivid language and examples
  • Maintain copy quality control throughout all aspects of the production process for both TV and print advertising
  • Able to respond to the specific needs of a campaign with an appropriate writing style
  • Participate in market research
  • Contribute to all steps of creative process, including troubleshooting of potential problems
  • Oversee submission process for copy approval team meetings
  • Organize and prioritize deadlines for multiple projects



  • Health & pharmaceutical client experience preferred
  • University Degree preferred
  • Superior editing, proofing, and writing skills
  • Enthusiastic about the advertising process
  • Outgoing, approachable, and a team player
  • Willing to take on any task, no matter how small
  • Multi-tasker and ability to prioritize
  • Good interpersonal skills and relates well to both client and Anderson DDB personnel
  • Good organizational skills
  • Shows ability to be proactive
  • Show ability to think logically and analytically, even under pressure
  • Shows respect for agency policy and procedures