Service Design para TRIBAL Barcelona

Digital Barcelona, Spain


Position at Tribal Worldwide



  • Have a good broad knowledge of the customers, including but not limited to understanding their needs, wants, likes, habits, behaviors so you can be a true advocate for customers on a day to day basis
  • Developing processes and methodologies to maintain this customer knowledge with activities such as designing and leading workshops, being part of customer interviews, data analysis of customer metrics
  • Gain and always develop knowledge about the products and services offered in the industry
  • Have a good working relationship with stakeholders, and an understanding of their operational processes so that you know who and how to influence of change
  • Continually identify opportunities to improve the customer experience
  • Successful identification, support and delivery of solutions that support an improved customer experience
  • Provide information and training on initiatives and changes, so we create experts everywhere. Running Service Design workshops with clients and internally
  • Able to have difficult conversations, clearly explains initiatives in sufficient detail to gain understanding, and the support of internal and external customers and partners
Credible across service areas, creates positive working environments, manage conflict