Director, Marketing Strategy

Strategy Chicago, Illinois


Responsibilities include working with clients, the larger DDB/Omnicom Team, and other partner agencies to:

  • Identify opportunities for creativity to generate competitive advantages on behalf of our client businesses.
  • Develop well-informed strategies for these opportunities–rooted in the principles of effective marketing and underpinned by data and insights.
  • Contribute to the overall penetration of marketing strategy services within existing client businesses as well as contributing to new business efforts as needed.
  • Partner with clients on relevant macro-level strategic and innovation initiatives by looking beyond the commonly accepted approach and seeking opportunities for modifying existing practices. Where possible, pioneer new ideas or innovative approaches.


Personal Traits

  • You’re entrepreneurial. You get in deep to understand a client’s business and then quickly transition to thinking about how creativity could make it work better.
  • You’re a strategic polymath. Your bring rigor with breadth versus depth. You find it easy to move from right-brain to left and analysis to ideas–and you never lose sight of the connection between the two or interest in either.
  • You’re a simplifier. You know that complexity is the enemy of execution, but the devil is in the details. So, you stay big picture in your thinking (i.e., systems thinking) while managing the details that are critical to success.
  • You’re a collaborator. You thrive within a multi-stakeholder environment where the opinions of others will be a part of your everyday.
  • You’re a student. You’re a continuous learner who stays at the forefront of marketing knowledge, and you easily integrate proven principles into everyday practice.
  • You’re a teacher. You don’t see what you know as something to keep to yourself. Rather, you see it as something of value to be shared. And more than once you’ve been asked to upskill and educate others.



  • 7+ years of experience as a Strategist
  • 3+ years working directly clients and leading strategic initiatives
  • Well-versed in the theory, principles, and application of modern marketing
  • Broad range of marketing experience across Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Media strategy, and Innovation.
  • Very strong written, visual, and verbal communication skills.