Senior Broadcast Producer

Production New York, New York


The Senior Broadcast Producer has the experience and leadership skills to produce any kind of project. They may also be willing to take ownership of and to help manage production communications across a piece of client business.


Specific Attributes / Responsibilities


Produces all projects in an innovative fashion that allows our work to excel and be recognized by the agency, client and the industry.


Leads the production in an organized fashion and manages it in a strong and focused way showing a good business sense.  Demonstrates consistent performance and leadership in production that builds relationships within the agency, both in the creative department and account management department.


Recognizes and takes advantage of creative opportunities in production.  Establishes and maintains good or excellent relations with key clients.  Demonstrates to our clients that they are working with a professional who is sensitive to all needs.


Inspires trust both internally and with clients.  Projects a sense of confidence that shows he or she can handle most any situation with focus and leadership.


Seeks innovative and creative solutions to production situations by staying current with all types of suppliers.


Shows concern for our client's money and demonstrates care with how it is spent.  Also, is conservative with personal expenses that use either client or agency money.  Is conservative with personal expenses.


Listens carefully and shows a real commitment to follow-through.


Treats those in a support capacity with dignity and respect.


Is responsible for maintaining current knowledge of costs on all projects.