Account Manager

Account Management Chicago, Illinois


Assist the Account Executive in running the day-to-day business of the account.  Responsible for primary analysis and tracking of Client business information.  Responsible for specific projects leading to the development of creative advertising. Is ambitious and enjoys the pressure of a fast-paced environment. Stays on top of industry news and trends. Priority is to consistently learn and understand the client’s business.


Critical Skills:

  1. Organizing & Planning - The ability to establish priorities and objectives; to gather, classify, categorize and readily retrieve information to meet deadlines.
    • Sets up complete and orderly project work plans on a timely basis.
    • Prioritizes assigned projects and revises plans when required.
    • Handles work flow on assigned projects so that no agency-caused project due-date extensions or revisions are required.
    • Develops complete project conference and status reports per agency guidelines.
    • Balances the importance of an activity versus the constraints that serve to prevent it from occurring.
    • Responsible for smooth execution of client billing. Tracks account budgets vs. actuals
    • Helps develop monthly billing forecast; monitors estimates, talent payments, etc.
  2. Decision-making - The ability to use sound and logical judgment in coming to a solution of a problem; and the ability to generate alternative solutions.
    • Makes realistic/workable commitments.
    • Recommends sound solutions and ideas.
    • Balances the needs of the client with the agency on assigned projects.
    • Heads off potential conflicts and problems before they materialize.
    • Involves appropriate agency resources.
    • Compromises when necessary to resolve an impasse.
  3. Initiative - The ability to take action by oneself without direction from others; to anticipate and develop solutions to problems without the aid of others for assigned projects.
    • Takes assignments readily.
    • Motivates self; needs no prodding or direction.
    • Offers unsolicited suggestions and ideas.
    • Gives extra effort and hours to the job.
    • Anticipates problems before they surface.
    • Maintains and continually improves personal knowledge base.
  4. Flexibility - The ability to maintain constructive behavior in the face of adversity; to manage stress and pressure in working through assigned tasks.
    • Changes course of action when appropriate or necessary.
    • Handles pressure and stress without sacrificing quality.
    • Maintains constructive project goal direction in face of unanticipated time constraints.
  5. Oral Communications - The ability to deliver clear, concise and accurate messages to others through oral means; to listen carefully to others.
    • Maintains clear communications channels with all agency personnel.
    • Organizing thoughts in a logical, clear and concise manner.
    • Is able to persuade or “sell” ideas to others.
  6. Written Communications - The ability to deliver clear, concise and accurate message through written means.
    • Organizes thoughts in a logical, clear and concise manner.
    • Uses appropriate examples and/or analogies to clarify ideas and issues when necessary.

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