Account Executive

Account Management St. Louis, Missouri


Position at Rodgers Townsend

Account executives anticipate the entire process, from who is involved, to what needs to get done and how it all fits together. Account Executives contribute to their client’s business through a strong understanding of the creative product, their knowledge of the client, the client’s business, their consumer and competitors.


Resourceful Problem-Solver

  • Builds client confidence by demonstrating an ability to creatively manage and deliver a quality product on time, on strategy and on budget.
  • Manages upward; adept at identifying potential problems and developing recommended solutions to review with their Account Supervisor/Account Director.
  • Displays a superior understanding of the needs of each department (agency and client side when necessary) that will be involved in the execution of client projects. Provides key, relevant information to these departments in a timely manner.
  • Effectively addresses questions from various departments pertaining to a brand/project by demonstrating an understanding of client objectives, issues and requirements.
  • Forges strong relationships among key partner departments (Accounting, Media, Production, etc.) to facilitate the smooth progress of client projects.

Idea Champion

  • Proactively questions and problem-solves with Creative, Production and Strategy departments to ensure smooth progress on all client projects.
  • Adds value to the creative process by providing ideas and support and helping to overcome possible obstacles.
  • Takes initiative with clients, proactively offering thinking and ideas.
  • Understands how each assignment fits into the brand scope, why an idea is right and the context surrounding that idea (the source of volume, the frame of reference, etc.).

Organized Brand Builder

  • Point person for external client contacts as well as internal project managers.
  • Manages client budgets carefully and responsibly.
  • Responsible for the timely and accurate issuance of all status and budget reports to the client and agency team members. Ensures budgets and timelines are met and alerts team of potential issues.
  • Exhibits integrity, professionalism, dependability and mature thinking.
  • Has thorough knowledge and understanding of agency processes and the time required to complete each stage. Can formulate the implication of changes to budget and delivery timelines.
  • 3+ years of professional experience in marketing/advertising.
  • Business experience with social media marketing – Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • Strong facilitation/presentation skills, both in preparing materials required and in delivery.
  • Solution-oriented, assertive and resilient.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • Self-starter.