Senior User Experience Designer

Design London, United Kingdom


Position at Tribal Worldwide London

The Role

The Senior User Experience Designer covers a broad range of activities from strategic thought leadership to detailed client solutions. As a digital agency of record we respond to a range of client needs, so no two briefs will be the same. The role demands a thorough and timely executed range of services either designed and executed by yourself or management of the team.

The role demands a self-starter attitude, interrogating all projects across all core client accounts for opportunities. You will directly lead two core accounts in the agency and take full User Experience responsibility for those. Tasks include pro-active thinking to take to clients, solutions for client briefs, development, review and approvals of Statements of Work through to project QA. The role reports into the Head of Service and Experience, where you will work closely together. You will work as a partnership with the Design Director taking Tribal to the next level.

Your responsibilities

Being a Senior is a responsible and demanding role. To successfully achieve this position, you will clearly need to demonstrate the following three areas:

  1. Tribal Worldwide London – our agency business
  2. Expertise and delivery – your practice knowledge
  3. Team and people skills – working with colleagues and clients
  1. Tribal Worldwide London
  • Knowing us – you will be able to understand how the agency operates commercially and how you’re an important part of our business
  • Setting objectives – you will be able to create specific and measurable objectives to meet frequently with the Head of Department to progress them
  • Part of the team – you will want to be actively involved in all aspects of agency social life and be known to all members in Tribal and want to have network connections in the wider business
  • Knowing our clients – you will want to be play an active role in listening to their needs and developing their business by applying your knowledge in the category
  • Developing opportunities – you will develop your network and identify potential business opportunities for Tribal. You will assist in the creation of proposals and Statements of Work
  1. Expertise and delivery
  • Understanding client needs – proactively work with your colleagues to understand the client needs and meet those to the best of your ability
  • Understanding the brief – asking questions to ensure you fully understood what is expected of you to complete the work and the scope of the project to a high quality
  • On-time, on budget – working to the time scheduled for you to complete the task to a good quality by monitoring your delivery throughout the allocated time
  • Managing up – letting your colleagues know how you are progressing and if there are any issues during the work and asking for reviews where you feel it is necessary
  • Taking care – quality assuring your own work for the best solution and surface details
  • Learning new tools – on-going discovery of new tools, processes and methodologies, sharing with colleagues
  • Rationale and data – you will be able to know when to use data to guide the design process and be able to defend your design decisions with well structured rationale and make recommendations for change
  1. Team and people skills
  • Working in a diverse group – ability to work cooperatively with people who have a range of skills, styles and approaches
  • Project ramp-up – ability to integrate into new project team and understand the interdependencies between team members
  • Project handovers – good documentation, file storage and briefing to other team members when handing over your project work
  • Learning – you attend agency events, external events and self-study to progress your knowledge and approach each piece of work with “what will I learn from this?”
  • Communication – write clear, structured and concise documentation using the appropriate channel free of jargon and complexity
  • Coaching – you will be able to provide direction and review work in progress deliverables for junior colleagues and helping them learn new techniques
  • Reviews and feedback – you will proactively seek to review your work, take feedback on board and use it to improve the solution and quality

Core Duties, responsibilities and skills

  • Familiarity with Mac OS X/PC and proficiency in a variety of business applications including MS Office
  • Able to manage email with appropriate response level
  • Able to develop well considered Wireframes and basic functional specifications with design tools including Omnigraffle and basic Axure RP
  • Able to create informed user journeys for a range of segments/personas
  • Developing prototypes for demonstration of concepts to clients
  • Working alongside creatives and visual designers to develop user experiences that prompt users’ full engagement
  • Basic sketching ability to explore user interface design
  • Conducting one facet heuristic reviews and competitive benchmarking
  • An interest in social networking and mobile user interfaces
  • Readiness on occasion to extend your role to include activities normally associated with other disciplines.
  • Able to create structured client facing presentations of good quality
  • Knowledge of design tools including Axure RP to produce interactive wireframes
  • Ability to assist in planning of user research and usability testing
  • Conducting four facet heuristic reviews and competitive benchmarking
  • Familiarity with the principles of user-centred design
  • Good sketching ability to explore user interface design
  • Able to create structured client facing presentations of good quality and present those with confidence
  • Paper prototyping for demonstrating interfaces
  • An interest with the issues governing social networking and mobile user interfaces
  • Knowledge of all design tools and which ones are a focus to become an expert at including annotated wireframes and interactions
  • Interest in blended retail and the use of ubiquitous computing
  • Understanding target audiences’ needs, tasks, and goals and translating them into pen portraits to assess an existing website/app against
  • Solid oral, written communication and presentation skills
  • Understanding how to contribute during a workshop and document exercises for team distribution
  • Conducting multidimensional faceted heuristic reviews and competitive benchmarking
  • Able to create workshop material and play an active part in contributing to them

Ideally you should also have:-

  • Qualification in a related field, such as Library Science, Interaction Design, Product Design, Architecture, Psychology, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Philosophy, English, History, Anthropology.


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N.B This job description will not form part of the contract of employment unless specified otherwise.

Successful applicants will also be asked to confirm their eligibility to work in the UK and provide documentary evidence to support such status.