Senior Copywriter

Creative San Francisco, California



  • Works with the Client Service and Strategic Planning teams regarding marketing and creative strategies for brand concepts, providing insight and challenging the brief as appropriate in order to raise the agency’s creative offering
  • Collaborates with other creative staff to share learning and experience and to establish initiatives that will improve the creative product
  • Generates and develops concepts and ideas, which meet the requirements of the brief as well as the client’s-branding standards that are of a consistently high standard
  • Ensures the proper placement, context and meaning of every word as well as the overall message within a creative assignment
  • Establishes tone, character, and messages that will effectively communicate with the target audience and fulfill the project objectives
  • Understands and accepts the need to amend, revise or redevelop campaigns in response to feedback from the creative director or clients. Participates in (and may lead) brainstorming sessions


  • Works closely with the Creative Director on key campaigns generating ideas and discussing progress with the creative director before making presentations to clients
  • Ensures all work is done to agreed deadlines and within budget often monitoring the progress of more junior staff
  • Multi-tasks, working on several campaigns at once, under pressure and on tight deadlines
  • Seeks approvals from creative management on all work before delivery to Accounts and / or the Client
  • Is involved in the production process including casting, dealing with production companies and directors, as well as work with typographers, designers and printers
  • Assists in developing presentation materials for business development projects

Knowledge & Skills

  • Possesses excellent written and presentation skills
  • Is able to sell a creative idea passionately and persuasively ensuring its link to the brief
  • Is able to explain supporting rationale for all work
  • Keeps up-to-date with popular culture and trends

Relationships / Communications

  • Attends and participates in client presentations or pitch presentations to support the creative rationale behind the agency’s work sometimes on behalf of the Creative Director
  • Represents, when required, senior creative management at agency meetings as well as with clients
  • Partners with Account, Media, Project Management and Technical counterparts to enhance quality, productivity, and profitability of the group’s work
  • Meets the account management team to discuss client requirements and product background


  • Mentors more junior talent on the creative team sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Works well in a team, has developed a reputation for cooperation and teamwork
  • Supports creative management on the identification and development of all agency staff
Contributes to overall office morale, spirit, character and work quality