Senior Digital Strategist

Strategic Planning El Segundo, California



David&Goliath is a creative agency that adheres to one simple philosophy: Be Brave. These aren’t just words that we throw out blindly. It’s a belief system that informs the way we work every day. We have a tradition that encourages entrepreneurial thinking, innovative solutions, and the conviction to execute both. We seek individuals who thrive in fast-paced, problem-solving environments. David&Goliath is a collaborative and team-oriented culture that believes in taking on challenges that others might walk away from. Because, the truth is, nobody ever became great without first being brave.



We are seeking a Senior Digital Strategist who is focused on making strategy a vital part of the creative process at our agency. This strategist, first and foremost, is a champion of creative. They possess an ability to see the point before everyone else and communicate in a way that is clear, actionable, and inspiring. They can identify digital opportunities as part of an integrated campaign for brand campaigns and launches. Someone who knows the difference between an observation and insight. We are especially seeking someone who can work with:


  • Internal D&G teams (creative, account, and planning) to offer strategic insights and direction.
  • Partner agencies (media team, social team, .com team, etc.) to make sure the work is integrated at all touch points.
  • Clients to present strong strategic POVs that build the business while advocating for creative solutions.


We are a creative shop. Strategists who thrive here understand that their work is a means to an end, not the end in itself. 



A strategy expert who knows the space, the channels, and what’s coming next, plus 

  • 6+ years of advertising experience with a demonstrated track record of digital focused work.
  • Ability to pair channel strategy with overall brand strategy to identify where the brand should be and why.
  • Proven success in multiple categories and the skills needed to identify opportunities as part of a fully integrated campaign.
  • CPG experience a plus.
  • Knowledge of digital outlets and social channels, and experience tailoring communications accordingly.
  • Ability to get involved with internal teams and provide insights and direction.
  • PASSION for advertising and marketing, with an insatiable appetite to learn.




  • Contribute as an integral part of all the work on Kia from the beginning stages through execution to identify digital opportunities and provide strategic direction (both internally and with clients).
  • Perform the necessary research to come to these insights.
  • Create strategy decks and setups for digital presentations.
  • Mentor junior strategists as they assist in day-to-day work.