UX/UI Developer

Technology Franklin, Tennessee


Do you want the opportunity to work on products that are changing millions of lives for the better? Our technology teams are growing, and we’re hiring a UX/UI Developer. If you’re looking for a career with a purpose, you've come to the right place.  

Founded in 1992 by Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Solutions exists to provide biblically based, commonsense education and empowerment that give HOPE to everyone in every walk of life. Our mission to change the world isn’t easy. We experience resistance every day because what we believe is absolutely counter-cultural. We’re weird. We actually hate debt. We actually cut up our credit cards . . . like, for real. We don’t use them in our entire business. We don’t use debt. Period. Some of us are still fighting our way out of it, but we aren’t going back in. If you don’t know much about Ramsey Solutions or our founder Dave Ramsey, go watch a bunch of these videos and then come back and finish reading. 

About the team:

Our applications serve millions of users in life-changing ways. We have over 140 developers in-house working across 15 different digital product areas, who all want to help people take control of their money and their lives. Our business leaders understand trade-offs and let their team weigh in on matters of value and effort. Many of our teams deliver to production several times a week (around 700 deployments per week!) and create business value from concept to product in a matter of days.  

Our UX/UI Developers are building user interfaces for real-world digital products like Financial PeaceSmartDollar, and EntreLeadership; or bringing our content and marketing to life on popular sites like daveramsey.com. They are primarily coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within a Ruby on Rails application or Magnolia, an enterprise CMS.  We follow Agile methodologies, specifically Kanban.  

What winning looks like:

  • Building world-class, highly responsive consumer web applications and websites, with a focus on user interfaces
  • Collaborating with team members to create technical solutions
  • Practicing test-driven development, unit testing, integration testing
  • Developing prototypes as well as industrial-strength products with ease and flexibility
  • Fixing bugs and solving problems
  • Learning new things (every day!)

The skills you need to win:

  • 3-10+ years of experience with HTML, CSS, and client-side JavaScript (we have openings at various experience levels from mid-level to senior)
  • Comfort with complex styling, basic to intermediate scripting, and templating with a CMS or full stack framework (e.g. Rails, Laravel, or .NET)
  • Ability to collaborate with designers, marketers, product managers, and other development teams on the execution of ideas
  • Understanding of front-end best practices like mobile-first responsive design, accessibility, performance, and progressive enhancement
  • Experience building or working in design systems is a plus

And by the way, we’re not stuffy and corporate around here. We protect our culture and care about your work environment. Our leadership really communicates and listens! Because of that, we offer perks and benefits such as . . .

  • 401(k) match on first 4%
  • HSA match: $500 a year
  • World-renowned speakers on a weekly basis
  • Ministry time: We pay you for one full workweek, so you can volunteer for your favorite charity or nonprofit.
  • Ongoing personal and professional development training by the best in the industry
  • Core values that promote work-life balance, excellence in the ordinary and a self-employed mentality
  • Wellness reimbursement to put toward hitting the gym
  • Free Costco or Sam’s Club membership
  • Working with amazing people in a culture where we recognize each other’s wins and celebrate together often with monthly lunches and on-the-clock, fun activities such as our company-wide Spelling Bee, annual Battle of the Bands and one legendary Christmas Party

Ready to change your life and the lives of others? We can’t wait to start the conversation! Apply now. 


Are you an experienced developer that isn't ready to apply but interested in hearing more? Click here to request an informal virtual coffee meeting with one of our developers!