Head of UX Design

Creative Nashville, Tennessee


On-Site Work in Greater Nashville, TN

At Ramsey, we give people HOPE in every walk of life. For more than 30 years, we have been the trusted brand that people come to when they need help – in their finances, their marriages, their careers, their leadership, their budgeting, and more. Today, we are a digital product company. But, we did not start out that way. Dave started this company on a card table in his living room that grew to a few small classes on finance in his church. He wrote books and started a radio show. His teachings then moved to cassette tapes, then VHS tapes and CD’s, then DVD’s, eventually MP3’s and then online streaming. There has been a lot of change.

And now, we are in the middle of an even bigger change than all of that.

We are moving from a life-changing analog experience into a life-changing digital experiences that don’t just walk with people for weeks, but through the rest of their lives! We aren’t just changing hundreds of peoples lives – we are changing MILLIONS of people's lives – and we need help! Are you looking to do work that actually matters? Then keep reading.


If you’re the Head of UX Design that we are looking for, you have been a maker in the UX discipline in the past. However, now, you are a strategic and process driven leader/visionary who understands on a deep level how creative, product, research and UX design not only fits into business, but the success and future of our entire company. You will also:

  • Help bridge the gap between design and engineering and design and product
  • Partner closely with our Chief Marketing Officer (Jen), Chief Technology Officer (Brendan), Chief Creative Officer (Luke), Senior Creative Officer (Tim), Product Management, UX team, Recruiting, creative leaders, and more!
  • Provide direction, leadership, and vision for the UX discipline at Ramsey through systems, standards, coaching, growth paths, hiring, and raising the bar on our standard of excellence in UX.
  • Have experience doing this before! We need someone with practice knowledge, not just book knowledge.
  • Possess great influence abilities, not by being a bulldozer, but through your incredible knowledge of your craft and your kindness. (We are highly relational, so building trust to gain influence will be key in the right person.)
  • Has experience and know how to scale a design organization for a large or Enterprise company
  • Familiar with centralized and decentralized team models
  • Familiarity with or actual experience leading multiple disciplines such as UX Research, UX Design, System and Service Design and Design Ops is preferred


We are really, really good at marketing. We are really good at engineering. We are really good at product management. We are really good at design. We have subject matter experts in all of these disciplines. We need YOU to be the subject matter expert in user experience. We need YOU to be narrowly focused in your craft, not just generalist in UX design AND then also everything else. That is the beauty of a team!

This role is also unique because you will have the honor and rare opportunity to build and lead a world class user experience design team by showing us the future of where we need to go with our UX design discipline. You will be on the forefront of pioneering the next chapter in our mission-led digital experience that actually changes people’s lives. We have an idea of where we need to go, but we could be totally wrong. We need to your help, vision, strategy, and action to take our company to the next level.


  • We’re a debt-free company that was founded in 1992 by Dave Ramsey. 
  • We have over 1000 team members who are 100% dedicated to our mission. 
  • We believe collaboration, innovation and a shared sense of mission come from being present with each other. That’s why all of our team members work together under one roof at our headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. 
  • We take leadership very seriously, and our leadership team has the highest character.

And by the way, we're not stuffy or corporate around here. Here are some of the perks and benefits at Ramsey Solutions: 

  • A 401(k) match of 4% after one year as a team member (you can still contribute in the first year) 
  • Health insurance on day one with a $500 HSA match every year 
  • One fully paid workweek of ministry time after one year to volunteer for your favorite charity or nonprofit
  • Generous PTO and paid sick time off
  • We prioritize work-life balance and rarely exceed a 40-hour work week
  • Weekly devotionals with world-renowned speakers, pastors and authors 
  • $300/year to put toward achieving your fitness goals 
  • Casual dress and work environment 

Are you an experienced UX leader who isn't ready to apply, but is interested in learning more? CLICK HERE  to request an informal virtual coffee meeting with our CCO to learn more.

It’s a calling, and we’re on a mission to change lives. Join the crusade! Apply now.