System Administrator II

Information Technology Arlington, Virginia


  • 1 year datacenter experience minimum
    • Racking and stacking various servers, storage equipment, appliances, network equipment and chassis/blade enclosures, etc.
    • configuring equipment / crash carting / logging into locally and configuring as needed
    • Replacing components like hard drives, dimms, NIC cards and/or working with vendors for maintenance and repair
    • Keeping records updated via ServiceNow and Nlyte, coordinating site shutdown/startups, closures and buildouts, researching hardware End of Sale / End of Support Life that translates to managing servers rooms and datacenter spaces.
  • 1 year technical experience minimum
  • Analytical Skills
  • Troubleshooting Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Flexible schedule (night/weekend calls for potential break-fixes or after hour maintenance)

Education and Qualifications:

BA/BS in Computer Science, Engineering, or an equivalent combination of education or experience.

Certification in System or Data Management.

Five or more years of experience managing and Supporting Unix and Windows Servers.

Five or more years of experience configuring and managing Storage Subsystems.

Advanced knowledge of standard System Administration tools and practices.

Knowledge of financial services industry security standards and practices.

Strong Windows administration skills.

Experience in a financial services environment preferred.

Strong communication skills (written and oral).