Change Manager

Information Technology McLean, Virginia


The Change Manager will work with the Project Team and stakeholders to drive faster adoption, utilization, and proficiency with the technological and process changes that impact users and other stakeholders. The Change Manager will also support the project team in integrating change management activities into their project plans. Activities include but not limited to:

  • Leads and implements change initiatives related to changes in IT technologies and processes and the IT roadmap.
  • Recommend priorities for the client's change initiatives/services.
  • Drives adoption and proficiency of changes within the organization in compliance with client's Change Management methodologies.
  • Develops project strategies and plans, including stakeholder assessment, communications, leadership alignment, organization transition, change readiness, capability transfer, and end-user training.
  • Leads/facilitates meetings with the client to ensure an understanding of the current organizational culture, and jointly develop a change adoption plan.
  • Provide direct support and coaching to front-line managers and supervisors as they help their direct reports through transitions.
  • Facilitate change management activities with cross-functional team members and stakeholders to understand and ensure adoption of the Enterprise Business Transformation.
  • Communications: Establishes communication with all users based upon a thorough user analysis and communications needs assessment.
  • Facilitate outreach programs and user activities that meet the specific needs of each user community. Gather user sentiments and factor them in the approach.
  • Transformation Impact Management: Identifies workforce impacts, evaluates the organization’s readiness for change, and informs the planning process to minimize disruption to productivity.
  • Continual Improvement Coordination: Ensures lessons learned from each stage are integrated into training and that training is continually assessed for effectiveness and clarity.