Network Administrator II

Information Technology Arlington, Virginia


Job Description:
- Provide expert-level hands on Network Infrastructure Support for the enterprise-wide data communications Network.
- Perform installation, Configuration, maintenance and operation of Network equipment, cabling system, monitoring software and specialty appliances.
- Resolve Networking issues involving complex Configuration and technical depth.
- Recommend, design and implement solutions for data Network projects.
- Perform resource-based capacity planning and management for Network systems.
- Collaborate with Customer Security team to identify ways to improve Network security.
- Participate in Disaster recovery planning and exercise activities.
- Manage one or more Network administration projects.

Education and Qualifications:

BA/BS in Computer Science or Information Systems Management, or an equivalent combination of education or experience.

Four to six years of experience with certification.

Six to eight years of experience without certification.

Advanced proficiency in Networking concepts.

Experience working in medium to large Network environments.

Additional questions

Tell me about a team project you have worked on?

How do you develop client relationships and how do you wow the customer?

Tell me about a time where you had to delegate a task during a problem.

Tell me about a time where you worked with individuals with different culture background.

Let's say you're working on a major project and you're in the weeds. How do you find your way out?