Outside Sales Representative MI. HCO

The Heritage Company Battle Creek, Michigan

Outside Sales Representative   

  • Are you a successful sales professional? 
  • Are you looking for a career with meaning and unlimited income? We expect people to earn between $70-80,000 in their first year but we place no cap on income potential. 
  • We look for motivated and driven people who are accustomed to above average success. 

  • We work with prominent business owners and leaders in communities. 

For more than 40 years our sales representatives have been working in towns with less than 30,000 people. Setting up programs whereby we deliver a high quality bereavement gift book to grieving families on behalf of local business leaders. This is an ideal way for businesses to enhance their already good image and convey the message that they run their business according to a set of principles. Our program is targeted and most appropriate for all concerned. 

Many of our towns are long standing and we have a 79% renewal rate with existing customers. This established territory is only available because of the retirement of a senior sales representative. 

A typical new sales person should expect a minimum of $70,000 - $80,000 first year income, but there are no caps on the income that can be earned. We truly believe it is our job to create an opportunity for sales people to make as much as they want and to get out of their way.

 What this company means to us video (Click on text to view video)

The Culture and Program

  • We value the individual and support the employee and family.
  • High ethical standards drive our systems and decisions.
  • Our professionals enjoy their freedom and are competitive by nature.
  • High moral overtone program
  • We do not sacrifice our values for personal 

Opportunity and Benefits

  • Expense allowance
  • Employee benefit package, including insurance & 401K
  • On-the-job training
  • Telephone sales support provided
  • Protected territory with existing business and growth potential
  • Contests, trips and award programs
  • NO Weekend Travel!  


Do you possess . . .

  • A high moral character and ethical conduct?
  • A history of success in outside B2B sales?
  • Experience working small to medium size towns?
  • The ability and means to travel an average of 3 nights per week?
  • A VALID driver’s license and insured vehicle?
  • Traveling and sales experience