Toddler Teacher

Toddler Teacher Woodbridge, Virginia


Title: Teacher
Classification: Non-Exempt
Reporting Supervisor: Director of Curriculum and/or Executive Director
Positions Supervised: None
To plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate all students as a Crème de la Crème Teacher, ensuring the highest level of customer service for students, families, Team Members, and visitors.
♦ Delivering nurturing care and continuous supervision of assigned children.
♦ Deliver and execute Crème curriculum as noted on the daily lesson plan.
♦ Maintain consistency in classroom management.
♦ Creating and consistently submitting lesson plans and a supply list to the Director of Curriculum on time.
♦ Implementing of approved lesson plans and curriculum.
♦ Consistently and appropriately completing CDLC “Daily Reports”.
♦ Consistently following the CDLC policies and procedures.
♦ Attending all monthly team meetings and required training meetings.
♦ Maintaining the upkeep of the CDLC classrooms and equipment inside and outside.
♦ Consistently role modeling appropriate behavior and language for children.
♦ Maintaining positive and open communication with parents, co-workers and CDLC management.
♦ Knowing and consistently following the universal health codes.
♦ Knowing and following all state licensing regulations.
♦ Consistently interacting in a positive developmentally appropriate way with the children.
♦ Reporting all accidents, injuries and/or illnesses to a Director immediately.
♦ Completing appropriate accident or illness reports on time and giving them to a Director, then to the parent once returned.
♦ Making sure all children have clean hands, face and diapers.
♦ Assisting children when necessary regarding dressing, toileting and/or diapering needs.
♦ Reporting health and safety issues to the Executive Director.
♦ Maintaining First Aid and CPR certification.
♦ Participating in a minimum of 20 clock hours of training annually (additional clock hours of training may be required based on State requirements).
♦ Knowing and following regulations regarding the reporting of child abuse.
♦ Attendance of Children - All teachers must take attendance of their group as they enter or exit a classroom, playground or field trip. Attendance is filed on Friday with the Director of Administration. Teachers are also responsible for knowing where each child in your care is at all times throughout the day.
♦ Rotations - Teachers are responsible for supporting all children throughout the daily rotations, whether it is from activity to activity, from room to room or as a new Crème student.
♦ Ratio - Crème de la Crème teacher/student ratios are to be adhered to at all times. April 1, 2014 Page 1 of 3
♦ Flexibility - Occasionally a teacher may be asked by a director to do something that is not a part of his/her regular job. Asking a teacher to cover another class is often a last resort, but is sometimes necessary.
♦ Team Member Coherence - It is the responsibility of all Team Members to work together to make Crème de la Crème the best it can be.
♦ Substitute Folder - Each teacher must maintain a substitute folder with information which includes an attendance form, class schedule, rotation schedule, and lesson plans.
♦ Transitions - Teachers are responsible for supporting all children throughout the transition, whether as a new Crème student or a Crème student moving up to the next age/level.
♦ Attendance – Be punctual and present as attendance is an essential job function.
♦ Field Trip – Anytime that you are on a field trip with Crème students, you are acting as a public relations representative of Crème de la Crème and should act accordingly and always in a professional manner.
♦ Keeping track of assigned children’s belongings.
♦ All other duties as assigned by a Director.
• Full comprehension of Crème de la Crème’s curriculum.
• Full comprehension of Crème de la Crème policies and procedures.
• Concentration and commitment to meeting the needs of the children at all times.
• Communication - Teachers shall have strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Teachers must be able to communicate in English with coworkers, parents and children. Each Team Member is responsible for maintaining a good, professional working relationship with every other Crème Team Member.
• Organization –Shelves shall have a sufficient representation of Crème curriculum, materials and equipment and along with closets and cabinets, shall be clean and organized at all times.
• Prioritization – Teacher’s shall always have the health and safety of each Crème child as their first priority. They will take the opportunity for teachable moments as they arise.
• Discretion – Teachers shall never share negative information about a Crème student (other than with the child’s parent or guardian or a Director) with any other parent or Team Member.
• Initiative – teachers shall call for assistance when needed and take the lead with other Team Members when necessary.
• While performing the duties of this job, the Team Member is required to:
 Maintain an acceptable level of attendance and punctuality
 Cooperate successfully as a Team Member
 Frequently lift, move, or hold children with a range of weight from 10-40 pounds. (Occasionally lift, move, or hold weight more than 40 pounds).
 Supervise and interact daily with children outdoors for extended periods in varied weather conditions.
 Maintain mental and physical alertness and an appropriate level of energy to perform essential job requirements. April 1, 2014 Page 2 of 3
 Stand
 Stand for long periods of time
 Lift
 Climb
 Squat
 Walk
 Bend
 Hear
 Possess strong visual acuity (with or without corrective lenses)
 Read and speak English proficiently
 Write English proficiently
• In addition to required duties, Team Members are frequently required to:
 Use hands to handle or feel; reach with hands and arms; grasping
 Demonstrate fine motor skills
 Stoop
 Kneel
 Crouch
 Crawl
 Push
 Pull
 Work more than 40 hours per week to perform essential duties of the position
 Work indoors and outdoors
The information contained in this document is not intended to be an “All Inclusive” list of duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job. Crème de la Crème reserves the right to modify any or all job descriptions as it becomes necessary or appropriate.