Special Assistant to the CEO

Corporate Rockville, Maryland


Credible Behavioral Health Software is a leading Behavioral Health Enterprise Software company based in Rockville, MD and providing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to the growing US Behavioral Health market. With several years of double-digit growth, Credible is expanding our team in our Rockville, MD office and nationally. Credible’s Mission is paramount and central to our success:  Improving the quality of care and lives in behavioral health for clients, families and providers. If you are interested in combining a mission driven position with a fast paced, results oriented culture, please apply today. 

As Special Assistant to the CEO at Credible, you will directly support the CEO through execution, technical and reporting support in a timely, thorough, and accurate manner while possessing an excellent understanding of Credible, Credible's Mission, Credible's software and the CEO's management directives and goals.

Overall Responsibility for the Special Assistant to the CEO:

  • Track Key Strategic and Operational drivers by tracking progress, interfacing with VPs, Directors and Managers and providing technical support to the CEO by researching and answering questions; troubleshooting problems and optimizing Management's data tracking efforts.
  • Proactively address issues in a timely fashion as needed.
  • Provide outstanding support, including timely and accurate responses, proactive data management, timely handling of all CEO requests in a professional, positive, and dignified manner.
  • Provide exemplary support for CEO and knowledge of Credible's proprietary software for successful sales, utilization and optimization for Credible Partners and internal users.
  • Coordinate and/or assist CEO communications with senior management, Credible personnel, key sales leads, various Partners, the Board of Directors, and shareholders.
  • Communicate with CEO and other senior management to effectively solve operational, sales and Partner issues and concerns.

Success Defined for the Special Assistant to the CEO:

  • Tracking key management deliverables including Top Monthly & Annual Priorities.
  • Assisting in the role out of companywide "Super Graphics".
  • Conduct research.
  • Efficiently supporting CEO projects.
  • Thorough time tracking.
  • Refinement of Credible's GYR Management System.
  • Supporting the CEO as necessary in sales operations.
  • Maintaining accurate:

             o   Key Target  and  Call  lists  for  CEO's  sales effort.  Sales  effort
                  tracking  sheets (emails, vms, webcasts, LOis, Wins and the
                  resulting close ratios).

             o   Partner Communication tracking.

             o   Special Projects quarterly tracking and planning.

             o   Other tracking and performance reports as needed.

             o   Other duties customarily associated with Special Assistant to the
                  CEO, as well as other duties as necessary.


  • Bachelor’s degree required; MBA preferred.
  • 4+ years of corporate business experience.
  • Expert in Microsoft Office, in particular Excel and PowerPoint.
  • You are known for your integrity. You always choose to make the right decision versus the easy decision. You know what information is sensitive, and you will protect it accordingly. You take your reputation very seriously.
  • You have excellent judgment. You have the rare combination of being able to make quick decisions with your gut and measured decisions with your head. You can pull on your strong analytical abilities or your instincts at the right times to make the right judgment call.
  • You have a positive, roll-up-your-sleeves mindset and are willing to take on “lower-level” and “higher level” work based on the needs of the CEO and Credible..
  • You take ownership. You constantly seek opportunities to optimize processes and improve efficiency. You’re communicative and comfortable working with and through a range of different people and build relationships quickly.
  • You are resilient and flexible. You seek out direct feedback and see every challenge as opportunities to grow.
  • You are thoughtful and intentional. You always think steps ahead. Before asking questions, you prepare your own answers, even if they are just first draft thoughts.
  • You are resourceful and practical. You are able to take different kinds of input, quickly and effectively sort out action plans.
  • You are an effective communicator. You are an exceptional communicator in every sense of the word. You are an especially astute listener and you pick up subtle cues that others may miss. You are effective in your spoken and written communication. You can be diplomatic, firm, gentle, and even pushy when you need to be to accomplish the goal.
  • You are empathetic and a keen people reader. You have a knack for reading people. You have a keen sense of people’s motivations and you understand how to influence their behavior.
  • You are incredibly mature and even keeled. You are wise and can handle the most stressful situations with grace. In an emergency you are the calmest individual in the room and can think with your head on straight.
  • You are detail oriented and conscientious. You cringe at typos, and you are the first to identify a formatting error. You obsess about the details (in a healthy way).


Credible is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, military status, national origin or any other characteristic protected under federal, state, or applicable local law.