SMQT Investigator (Long Term Care Facilities)

Quality Improvement Services Phoenix, Arizona



Applicants should have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) and Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.), survey and investigation methods, workload management, policies and procedures applicable to state licensure and/or Medicare certification and operational policies and procedures of Arizona Department of Health Services
  • The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates to health care facilities
  • Enforcement options available to ADHS and legal document preparation, of organizational and corporate structures and management practices and procedures typically experienced/utilized in state licensed and CMS certified health care facilities
  • Characteristics and identification of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, physical and behavioral signs of illness and disease including persons with special needs, growth and development stages, disease and the aging process
  • How to provide and the purpose for/of, educational and activity programs, including the activities of daily living
  • Nutrition, sanitation, dispensing of medications, disease control, restraints, both physical and psychotropic, and other life-sustaining standards
  • Community resources, including other state agencies, advocacy groups, networking and provider associations
  • Federal regulations, the SOM, and associated Appendices, Interpretive Guidelines and State Agency letters
  • Healthcare delivery models/practices including nursing, pharmacy, social services, infection control and dietary

Applicants should also have the following skills:

  • Oral and written communication and documentation
  • Analyzing and evaluating a wide variety of administrative and program records to determine compliance with applicable state statutes and rules during complaint investigations
  • Interpersonal relations as applied to contacts with providers and staff, representative of local and state governmental agencies including Adult Protective Services (APS), local police departments, Public Health consumers, media and the public
  • Ability to educate and assist providers on a variety of topics including those of discipline and abuse, development, records maintenance, supervision, safety, equipment standards, nutrition, sanitation, dispensing of medications, transportation, persons with special needs, the ADA, zoning and others
  • Time management and organizational skills to support compliance and investigation workloads and prioritize work activities based on CMS and ADHS performance measures
  • Ability to receive detailed information through oral communication
  • Ability to work effectively in a team or independently
  • Ability to identify problems requiring immediate corrective action
  • Ability to determine recommendations to include in reports developed as a result of surveys and/or investigations conducted
  • Ability to make recommendations for initiating enforcement and/or enforcement actions against providers not in compliance with statutes and rules
  • Ability to make recommendations approving/denying/revoking a license, certification, for issuing cease and desist orders for non-compliant actions, assessment of civil money penalties; temporary orders, intermediate sanctions and provisional licenses
  • Must possess valid state driver’s license
  • Will  provide training for the Surveyor Minimum Qualifications Test (SMQT) certification