Commercial Banking Team Lead

Commercial Banking Tacoma, Washington


Position at Columbia State Bank

Position Summary:
Lead, motivate, measure, and coordinate relationship management and business development activities of a high performing commercial banking team. Ensure achievement of financial objectives while maintaining disciplined credit underwriting and risk management practices. Build relationships with internal business partners to maximize employee success and customer satisfaction.
* Drives team to participate in a positive sales culture by participating in excellent execution of various
sales activities
* Promote and practice exemplary customer service in the delivery of financial solutions while creating
and enhancing internal partnerships
* Establish and communicate team and group goals
* Develop and execute team strategic and tactical plans for each plan year
* Lead the process of frequent assessment of actual results compared to plan
* Observe and recommend training plans for team
* Participate as appropriate in the structuring, underwriting, approval process and closing of complex
credit recommendations developed within the team.
* Ensure the team actively manages core systems including the Commercial Pipeline System for a
consistently updated and accurate level of reporting
* Directs the process for pricing of credit accommodations including approval of pricing exceptions
within the assigned authority.
* Develop and execute strategy and tactics for cross sell all of CB's financial solutions.
* Manage all aspects of Credit Risk Management including the collection of Past Due Loans,
identification, risk rating and action plan to resolve problem loans within the team portfolio.
* Lead the accountability of managing renewals, rework or extension of obligations near maturity to
ensure seamless access to credit by customers
* Seek opportunities to participate in group or bank task force assignments and planning and
execution of initiatives.
* All other duties as assigned
All employees are responsible for internal controls in the performance of their assigned duties. Internal Control responsibilities are established in various policies, procedures, and documents, including the Code of Conduct.
Minimum Job Requirements:
* Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, finance, accounting, or related field preferred. Equivalent work experience may be considered in lieu of formal education.
* Master's Degree valued
* 5+ years of commercial lending experience
* May be an initial team leadership position but generally has prior supervisory experience.
* Extensive experience in sales, sales management, and staff supervision.
* Leadership: demonstrated ability to lead people and get results through collaboration with
internal and external constituents.
* Ability to motivate and lead a diverse group of highly talented individuals
* Excellent interpersonal and communication and active listening skills, including presentations,
negotiations and routine interactions.
* Comprehensive knowledge of all Federal Regulation relevant to Commercial Banking as well as
proficiency in understanding CB Credit Policies and Procedures.
* Sales Management acumen and ability to direct individual activities proven to attract, expand
and increase relationships for CB.
* Extensive credit experience and acumen in the Commercial Bank line of business.
* Comprehensive knowledge of bank product and service capabilities
* Planning: ability to think ahead and plan over a 1-3 year time frame
* Ability to prepare budgets and establish goals to achieve the bank's financial objectives
* Management: the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities and processes.
* Cooperation: ability to sell ideas to peers, subordinates, and superiors in the company
* Support product training that enables total bank relationship opportunities and facilitates
recognition and creation of cross sell referrals.
* Ability to build cohesive teams and key staff retention.
* Ability to have an active pipeline of high value candidates for any open positions that may occur
within the team.
* Maintain complete confidentiality with all interactions
* Understand and utilize SMART goals (Specific, Motivating, Attainable, Relevant and Trackable) * Commitment to Columbia Bank core values
Our Core Behaviors:
* Be Genuine. Conduct yourself in a consistent, honest and compassionate manner at all times.
* Work Ethic. Be willing to go the extra mile for the customer, whether internal or external.
* Influence. Be an active player in participating, building and contributing to service.
* Continuous Learning. Commit to gaining knowledge, skills and experience on an ongoing basis in order
to better serve the customer, increase personal satisfaction and improve Columbia Bank.
* Team Play. We win together. Individuality is encouraged to advance and enrich the work of the team.
* Problem Solving. Bring creative, problem-solving mentality to every situation. See alternatives, take
initiative and assume responsibility for your actions.
* Communication. Keep others informed and up-to-date. Actively listen and learn from each other.
* Have a sense of community. We firmly believe that we're only as strong as the communities we serve.
Your involvement is an important part of who we are.
Physical and Mental Requirements:
* Ability to sit at a computer monitor for extended periods of time * Ability to perform repetitive finger, hand, and arm movements * Ability to lift up to 15lbs.
* Ability to effectively discern information and formulate appropriate action
* Ability to reach, squat, bend, and manually manipulate standard office equipment