Cellular Immunology Scientist #146

Research & Development Cambridge, Massachusetts



We offer the challenge and opportunity to work at an innovative early stage company with rapid and nimble growth, combining near stage development candidates with a sustainable pipeline for long terms success. Repertoire Immune Medicines is poised to emerge as category defining company in immunology — one that premier scientists and industry leaders feel is the ‘holy grail’ of understanding and treating immunological diseases.  We are driven to discover and fully develop novel immune modulatory therapeutics that extend and improve the lives of individuals with a broad range of serious and potentially devastating diseases.

What you will do:

In this role you will work in the pre-clinical discovery that is team responsible for developing a proprietary nanoparticle technology platform, as well as a nano-encapsulated TLR-agonist for solid tumor cancer therapy. You will play a key role in the in vitro analysis immune cell dynamics and the tumor microenvironment in samples derived from in vivo oncology studies, as well the establishment and use of in vitro models for evaluating biological activity of candidate compounds

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement in vitro immunological assays to interrogate T cell specificities and functional status, including ex vivo differentiation, proliferation, co-culture etc.
  • Develop and implement and validate in vitro immunological assays to investigate cells contributing to the intratumoral microenvironment and to interrogate their functional status
  • Develop and implement in vitro screening models to assess biological activity of potential therapeutic compounds.
  • Design, execute and analyze experiments. Communicate findings to the team and to management.
  • Maintain and implement good laboratory practices, including accurate laboratory notebook systems, instrument and reagent maintenance, and personnel safety precautions.
  • Work as a key member of cross-functional Platform Discovery team

What you will bring to the role:

  • PhD in Immunology, Cancer Biology, or adjacent disciplines.
  • 2 years post graduate experience in biotech/pharma industry or academia (industry experience is preferred).
  • Extensive experience isolating, culturing, and characterizing human and mouse primary T cells and lymphoid and myeloid cells from tumors. Experience with MDSCs is a plus.
  • In depth experience in multi-parameter flow cytometry (surface staining, viability, proliferation, nuclear antigens, cytokines), incl. panel development and troubleshooting.
  • In depth experience in cytokine assays, incl. flow, Luminex, ELISA, ELISPOT.
  • Experience developing cell-based immune assays, including DC coculture and antigen presentation assays, is a plus.

Desirable skills

  • Ability to perform in vivo mouse work (i.v./i.p./s.c. dosing, tumor inoculation and measurement, blood draws) a plus.
  • Strong leadership, organizational and communication skills.
  • Must be a team player able to multitask.
  • Ability to work in a matrixed, fast-paced and quickly changing environment.
  • Ability to deliver on key milestones within defined timelines.