TMI | Production Assistant Manager

Production Brooklyn, New York

Who We Are

JOB PURPOSE: The Production Assistant Manager will primarily be responsible for managing the efficient use of the facility’s personnel and resources and manage strategies for basic production to provide quality products in a timely manner.


  1. Production efficiency

  • Planning, coordinating, and controlling of manufactured processes

  • Monitor the production of goods or effectiveness of services; ensure accurate amount is produced at the right quality and cost

  • Assist Plant Manager in planning, managing, and executing production operations

  • Identify and report operational and maintenance problems to prevent production delays

    2. Cost Price Management

  • Implement manufacturing cost saving projects

  • Analyze and predict if proposed project’s progress and effect is possible to achieve

  • Assist in budgeting, utilizing needed human and material resources

  1. Other duties

  • Provides manufacturing information by compiling, initiating, sorting, and analyzing production performance records and data

  • Assist the Plant Manager in implementing new or modify existing production processes that are carried out in accordance with company policies and procedures

  • Determine resource requirements and work allocation for production operation

  • Provide administrative support to the Plant Manager

  • Other duties as assigned by the manager


TMI began in a 3,000 ft2 noodle factory in New York's Chinatown district in 1989 with the mission of creating fresher and better tasting noodles. Within 3 years the company expanded to a 22,000 ft2 facility in Brooklyn and eventually added dumplings and other Asian specialties to their product mix. In 2001, TMI Trading was added under the TMI umbrella with the commitment of sharing quality specialty foods from Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore,in the US market, and transforming them into household staples.

In late 2012, TMI became an affiliate of CJ Group through acquisition. Cheiljedang (CJ) was founded in 1953 specializing in food products. Since then it has grown into a global lifestyle brand with a business portfolio built around the four sectors—Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Entertainment & Media, and Shopping & Logistics. With over 55,000 employees around the world, CJ Group promotes healthier, happier and convenient living through its many products and services.

Today, TMI employs over 300 people and occupies more than 200,000 ft2 in Brooklyn. It is comprised of the brands Twin Marquis, Chef One, and Tang's Natural, each specializing in its own category of goods. Twin Marquis and Chef One are both successful and highly influential brands in the US East Coast Asian food markets, with Twin Marquis specializing in noodles and dumpling wrappers, and Chef One famous for its dumplings. TMI's commitment to fresh, delicious ingredients and innovative product development has made them New York's leading Asian food company.