Special Education Teacher

Instructional Dallas, Texas



Cityscape Schools - Job Description   


The purpose of a job description is to outline the essential functions unique to a particular job within   

a specific department. Job descriptions are used to recruit, train, and evaluate employees.   


Teacher Special Education   






To create a flexible instructional program and a class environment favorable to learning and   

personal growth; to establish effective rapport with students assigned to the classroom, to motivate   

pupils to develop attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a good foundation for further   

advancement, in accordance with each pupil’s ability; and to establish good relationships with   

other staff members. To ensure that curricula are implemented in a way that maximizes student-   

learning experiences. To demonstrate competency in the core academic subject(s) assigned. To   

instruct special education students individually and in small groups in accordance with Federal,   

TEA and school policies and procedures; develop and implement IEP goals, assess students, and   

coordinate programs to increase independence and functioning in society. To provide students   

with appropriate educational activities and experiences that will enable them to fulfill their   

potential for intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth. Teachers will help students   

develop the skills necessary to be a productive member of society.   


This job description should not be interpreted as all-inclusive. It is intended to identify the   

essential functions and requirements of this position. The incumbents may be requested to   

perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this job description.   

Effectively utilizes school technologies appropriate to the position and assumes responsibility for   

attending all training needed to successfully perform designated responsibilities as directed by the   


Maintains regular attendance;   

Complies with Federal and State law and school policies and regulations;   

Maintains a safe environment for students, conducive to learning;   

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Cityscape Schools - Job Description   

Teaches instructional subjects according to guidelines established by Texas Education Agency, and   

school-approved curriculum;   

Instruct students with special education needs regarding individualized tasks to implement and   

achieve Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals;   

Participate as a member of Admission, Review, and Dismissal Committee process; attend ARD   

meetings; provide input to IEP goals; conduct pre- and post-assessments and perform other data   

collection; prepare IEP reports;   

Work in conjunction with students, parents, and other members of staff to develop IEPs through the   

ARD Committee process for each student assigned;   

Perform specialized physical health care procedures as trained and assigned and in accordance with   

specialized training provided by a health specialist;   

Assure the proper implementation of objectives for each student in accordance with IEPs;   

Perform specialized duties as assigned in such areas as behavior, vision, movement, and others   

while working with students and teachers;   

Provide for the personal hygiene of students including toileting, diapering, feeding, and care   

giving; teach self-help skills involving personal hygiene; teach recreational and leisure skills;   

Design and implement appropriate behavior management techniques for use in instructional and   

disciplinary purposes;   

Collaborate with other teachers on student IEP to ensure all modifications are met and monitor the   

integration of students in regular school classrooms;   

Control student behavior and implement discipline plan which includes handling crisis situations   

and physically restraining students as necessary according to IEP;   

Interact with parents; conduct interviews and conferences with parents discuss student progress   

with parents on an on-going basis;   

Train and provide work direction and guidance to assigned special education teacher aide;   

Instructs students in citizenship, character development and basic subject matter as specified by   

school policy;   

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Cityscape Schools - Job Description   

Develops lesson plans and instructional material and provides individualized and small group   

instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil and ensure written plans are available   

for review;   

Ensure lesson plans show modifications for differences in student learning styles;   

Design instructional activities by using data from student learning style assessments;   

Collaborate with special education teachers on student Individual Educations Plans to ensure all   

modifications are met;   

Task analyzes and translates lessons into developmentally appropriate learning experiences;   

Models citizenship and lessons for students;   

Uses effective Classroom Management techniques that foster a safe and positive environment for   

all students and staff;   

Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and   


Reports any pertinent information to the Principal in case of child endangerment, neglect, or abuse;   

Establishes, shares, and maintains standards of pupil behavior to achieve an effective learning   


Control student behavior in agreement with the student handbook;   

Anticipates and effectively addresses unforeseen crises associated with working with large groups   

of children;   

Evaluates pupil’s academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records and prepares progress   


Identifies pupil needs and makes appropriate referrals and develops strategies for individual   

education plans;   

Provides individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of the   


Help students assess and enhance their study methods and habits;   

Produce formal and informal testing to evaluate student success;   

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Cityscape Schools - Job Description   

Coordinate and manage extracurricular duties as assigned and sponsor outside activities approved   

by the principal;   

Establish communication rapport with parents, students, principals, and teachers through   


Create and maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents and community   

members to support the success of a diverse student population;   

Models professional, moral, and ethical standards as well as personal integrity in all interactions;   

Models non-discriminatory practices in all activities;   

Enrich job skills through continuing education and professional development activities and   

assumes responsibility for professional growth and keeps materials, supplies, and skills up-to-date;   

Participates in curriculum development, faculty committees, and student activity sponsorship, as   



Supervises classroom teacher aides, students, and volunteers.   


Performs other related work as required.   


General Office Equipment   

Special Needs Students   

Personal Computer   

Special Equipment and Apparatus for   



Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a related field,   


Valid Texas Special Education Teaching Certificate required.   

Valid Texas driver’s license   


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Cityscape Schools - Job Description   

Knowledge of Cityscape Schools mission, philosophy, culture, protocol, and organizational   


Knowledge of effective and efficient methods for organizing and maintaining records and ability to   

perform the same;   

Knowledge of local, state and federal laws governing education;   

Knowledge and competency in subject(s) taught;   

Knowledge of elementary, secondary or special education principles, practices and procedures;   

Knowledge of the principles and methodology of effective teaching;   

Knowledge of No Child Left Behind, Texas Education Agency, and school rules, regulations and   

procedures pertaining to special needs students;   

Knowledge of child guidance principles and practices related to students with special education   


Knowledge of problems and concerns of students with special needs;   

Knowledge of curriculum and lesson plan development to meet IEP goals;   

Knowledge of equipment operation related to special education students;   

Knowledge of terminology involved in special education programs;   

Knowledge of proper lifting techniques;   

Knowledge of interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy;   

Knowledge of the IEP process;   

Knowledge of student and parent rights with respect to special education programs;   

Ability to cultivate and maintain effective relationships with a diverse group of people and remain   

sensitive to their concerns;   

Ability to present a positive and professional image of Cityscape Schools;   

Ability to work independently and with limited supervision;   

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Cityscape Schools - Job Description   

Ability to build and maintain effective working relationships with employees, parents, students,   

and the community;   

Ability to work under the pressure of deadlines and time constraints;   

Ability to establish goals and objectives and monitor their effective implementation;   

Ability to apply discretion and independent judgment and exercise confidentiality;   

Ability to establish and maintain standards of behavior;   

Ability to deliver articulate oral presentations and written reports;   

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, students,   

administration, and parents;   

Ability to instruct special education students in individualized tasks to achieve IEP goals;   

Ability to understand and relate to children with special needs;   

Ability to operate and demonstrate the use of materials and equipment for special needs students.   


Ability to meet attendance requirements;   

Ability to read, write, and communicate the English language effectively;   

Duties performed typically in school settings to include: classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria;   

auditorium, and recreational areas;   

Frequent walking, standing, stooping, lifting, up to approximately 30 pounds, and occasional lifting   

of equipment and/or materials weighing up to approximately 40 pounds may be required;   

Other limited physical activities may be required;   

Occasional travel with students on field trips may be necessary;   

Hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels;   

The worker is subject to inside and outside environmental conditions, noise and hazards;   

Occasional movement of students by wheel chairs and other mechanical devices may be required;   

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Cityscape Schools - Job Description   

Regular instruction to special needs children may be necessary;   

Reaching overhead and above shoulders;   

Kneeling or crouching to change diapers and to assist students with others tasks;   

Seeing to monitor student activities and behaviors.   


Provide specialized physical health care procedures to students with exposure to body fluids;   

Exposure to students who may become hostile or disorderly and who may exhibit physical   


The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and   

are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills that may be required. The   

Administrator and/or supervisor have the right to add or change duties at any time.   

This job description supersedes all prior job descriptions for this position as well as rescinding all   

past and present job descriptions that do not reflect the current requirements of this position.   

I, the undersigned, have read and understand the contents of the Teacher Special Education   

description. I am aware that this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the District   

Employee Manual.   

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