Content Lead - Statistics

Content Management New Delhi, India


Content Lead – Statistics 

Job Location – Delhi

 The Role & Responsibilities:

  • Key responsible person for  a  group  of   subject  matter   experts  to  deliver  quality  content.
  • Act as a central point of contact for the respective subject specific in-house experts. Coordinate, supervise, motivate and manage the team for continued overall quality & efficiency improvement.
  • Motivate & drive effectively each expert in the team to achieve their individual goals successfully.
  • Thorough knowledge in all processes/activity guidelines and able to clarify any sort of queries from In-house/external experts.
  • Keep tracking & maintain effectively the progress/performance of all projects/activities time to time and should be able to summarize & share the overall report to the respective key persons in the SME Content Operations.
  • Responsible to drive the team dynamically among all the activities as per daily/weekly/monthly priorities & expectations.
  • Must possess required planning and implementation skills to complete the content backlog as per timelines.
  • Responsible for effective utilization of experts’ time on core activities. Ability to engage subject specific experts effectively in 24/7 staffing model round the clock to meet the students’ requirement.
  • Able to figure out skillset gaps of the team as per business needs and responsible to organize training sessions to improve skillset of individual team members in the department.
  • Responsible to create awareness on requirements of job roles and equally responsible to challenge individuals healthily in a competitive environment.
  • Should have enough data analysis skills to manage projects/activities/expert’s data effectively.
  • Responsible to drive the Quality Checks effectively in the team to make sure that quality of content/individuals quality should be as expected.
  • Ability to lead a  group   of  experts with required effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Accountable for all content initiatives to drive the team for maximum throughput with the expected quality.
  • Proactive enough to  participate  in  content discussions with  a  holistic  understanding of the context of the discussion.
  • Should have   ability  to  drive  individuals  in  the  team  as  per  their  role  specific expectations.
  • Responsible for continued assessment of  individual’s  and  team’s  performance.
  • Timely update on daily/weekly/monthly reports.
  • Responsible to publish the qualified content to live website with minimal delay.
  • Ability to test the candidates in hiring process to get the right talent as per the department requirements.
  • Strong in majority of the core subjects relate to specific department to assess & help individuals on subject areas.
  • Responsible to create/review content in the specified subject department across all the activities.


  • Minimum 2 - 4 years of teaching experience  
  • Master’s Degree in Statistics
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Have a passion to work in a challenging work environment
  • Team handling skills

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