Content Specialist - Mathematics

Content Management New Delhi, India


Content Specialist – Mathematics
Job Location – Delhi

The Role & Responsibilities:
• Highlight the current challenges the team is facing with the subject coverage development process 
• To describe how these challenges can be significantly reduced
• Optimize the current subject development process so the team can move faster at a high quality 
• Better predict and communicate the capacity and trajectory of math subject coverage to business and other stakeholders
• Improve Chegg Math tools ability to provide structured solutions to math questions students may have when they have them.
• The Mathematics Content Specialist will work as an individual and as part of a team to identify and create content for our mathematics solver.
• Understanding and evaluating our math solver.
• Analysing what topics our competitors cover and how well they cover it (e.g., competitor gaps in
• Algebra / Calculus and coverage in future subjects)
• Work with product management to document existing math taxonomy and expand. Focus areas will be Geometry and Higher Ed STEMB subjects.
• From these subjects identifying topics that our product could develop and collaborating with product and engineering to make these topics come to fruition.
• Conducting thorough, high-quality review of content development.
• Helping analyse our data to support changes that our students need and want
• Serve as a math learning ambassador to drive ideas that support students
• Continuously taking initiative to make our product a tool learner can trust and rely on

Additional Responsibilities:
• QA’ing the learning
• Analysis of feedback and input
• Content coverage
o Competitor gaps
o Topics in future subjects
o Math Taxonomy
o Collaborating with product / engineering team to recommend order in which topics can be covered

Experience in teaching math, to assist with subject coverage research. This alleviates the current bottleneck and enables the engine team to have a more in-depth understanding of topics in advance for comprehensive roadmap planning.

• Proficiency in Mathematics content (especially Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Calculus based Physics).
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Excellent organization, administrative, time management and presentation skills.
• Strong attention to detail and proofreading skills.
• Creative, motivated, and able to work well individually and with a team.
• Desire to create high-quality content to help students understand math.
• Master’s degree in Mathematics Education, or related area.
• Experience in teaching / Tutoring experience would be preferred as well
• Experience in curriculum development and/or publications for mathematics education.
• Knowledgeable of key shifts in instruction, EdTech, as well as current research in mathematics pedagogy.

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