Art Toronto, Ontario


Would you like to work on some of the greatest franchises in gaming history? Certain Affinity brings an exceptionally talented group together to form the largest independent developer in Austin, Texas, and opened a second studio in Toronto, Canada last year. Our company culture reflects the vibrant nature of the cities we call home. This includes a commitment to our evolution, excellence, and work-life balance. Our Toronto studio will collaborate with our Austin location, and together we’ll be co-developing AAA FPS games and creating our own compelling new IP.

As an Animator at Certain Affinity, you’ll be part of a creative team generating highly polished in-game animations. You will assist in the design of the project by providing pre-visualization animations for gameplay elements as well as evolve and refine motion for characters, weapons, vehicles, and environmental objects.


  • Work with Art Director, Lead Animator & Design team to visualize and integrate motion into a highly immersive world
  • Create animations in a variety of styles, from ultra-realistic mocap based movement to highly stylized hand-keyed motion depending on the needs of the project


  • 2+ years’ experience in the game industry, specifically associated with character and object animation
  • Understanding and application of both keyframe and performance capture animation in a real-time environment
  • Shipped 2+ titles as an animator
  • Strong foundational knowledge in traditional arts, including but not limited to graphic design or illustration, life drawing, acting, and cinematography.
  • Working-level understanding of the principals of motion as applied to characters, cameras, objects, and vehicles
  • Solid grasp of performance requirements and constraints of the current-generation console and PC development
  • Understanding of animation pipelines and workflow
  • Collaboration and communication skills that bridge the gap between art, design, and tech
  • Ability to work within predefined styles from realistic to stylized and effectively communicate this style to the rest of a team
  • Solid understanding of how animation by way of performance, staging, dynamics, timing, and pacing influences player response and feedback to help make a game fun and engaging
  • Team player with the drive and initiative to deliver extremely high-quality work within performance and time restrictions
  • Must be adept at time constraints and multiple priorities
  • Must be able to initiate visual direction without a specific concept or design
  • Experience using proprietary editors, software and tools, or other similar experience with Unreal 4, Radiant, Source Engine, etc.
  • Working-level knowledge of Maya and/or Max, MotionBuilder or other 3D animation packages
  • A desire to work in a diverse and inclusive environment

Extra Credit

  • Experience in the application of motion as related to physical simulation of particles, fluids, and other related fields
  • Shipped 1+ AAA title in last 3 years
  • Experience with technical animation scripting or rigging

Certain Affinity or its partners or affiliates run background checks on candidates or employees with the written authorization from the candidates or employees. These may be done for the purposes of offering employment or determining eligibility to work on a specific project. Multiple searches may be required.  

Certain Affinity does not accept unsolicited referrals or resumes from any source other than directly from candidates.