Chief Military Historian

Pritzker Military Museum & Library Chicago, Illinois


Position at Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Position Description & Summary Statement

The Chief Military Historian is the principal authority on military history at the Museum & Library, including both the Chicago and Somers campuses, In this position, the CMH shall provide general supervision of the Collections, Library and Education Resources departments of the Museum & Library, and assist with programming and event development. The CMH will collaborate with the President of the PMML, Founder of the PMML, and COO of Philanthropic Activities on initiatives designed to further the mission of the PMML.

Essential Position Qualifications

  • Successful senior executive with 7-10 years’ experience in non-profit operations; museum and/or library services preferred. Individual with significant experience in academia or high level professional practice such as law or accounting will also be considered.
  • Master’s Degree or higher required; Military education at the level of Command and General Staff College or War College will also be favorably considered.
  • In depth knowledge, personal interest and experience with military history and/or military affairs. Direct military experience a plus.
  • Significant writing experience and publications in military history and military affairs required.
  • Energetic self-starter with the ability to exercise appropriate discretion, a high level of professionalism and excellent personal reputation.
  • Willing and able to promote and develop the PMML and maintain the highest standards of intellectual integrity.
  • Personable, articulate, dependable, organized, and attentive to detail.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; able to communicate effectively and establish rapport with a wide variety of people including but not limited to the Founder, board members, staff, members, educators, scholars, donors and colleagues.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and experience in managing and developing professional staff.
  • Demonstrated public speaking skills
  • Willingness to travel as required/requested
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain partnerships and relationships with a diverse array of organizations and individuals, with a particular emphasis on military history, military affairs, and national security.
  • Financially literate and able to assist in budget preparation through a period of growth and development.
Assigned Responsibilities & Duties

  • Work collaboratively with the President in recommending and securing sponsorships and donors. Effect strategies to achieve income targets for academic activities.
  • Play a key role in achieving public operating charity status in line with the strategic plan and organizational goals;
  • Lead all programmatic activity related to the planning and execution of the annual Liberty Gala;
  • Work with the Director of Development toward the growth of the membership program.
  • Supervise Associate Director of Programs and Outreach to develop and execute content strategy in such areas such as panel discussions, interviews, book and author talks, public television programs, Liberty Gala operations and to meet vendor obligations;
  • Supervise Associate Director of Education Resources to develop educational programs for K-12 students and family-oriented programming;
  • Serve as executive producer of PMML programs and executive editor of PMML publications;
  • Supervise the Chief Librarian and the Director of Collections Management on the procurement of new collections, development of programs to reach new audiences, and materials and tours geared toward college level and above understanding;
  • Oversee the development of public exhibits and complementary educational materials;
  • Work with the President on all related financial matters and volunteer and intern activities;
  • Collaborate with the TAWANI Foundation and the Pritzker Military Foundation to establish and maintain partnerships with local and national organizations;
  • Develop programs that link the PMML (Chicago) with the PAMPC (Somers, WI) for cross-promotion and engagement.
Board of Directors and External Relations
  • Organize and Participate in meetings of the Board of Directors as an ex officio member;
  • In cooperation with the Board of Directors, lead the strategic development process to achieve agreed upon long term goals;
  • Establish and maintain relationships with VIP members and donors in order to be a conduit for their message;
  • Work with MarCom team to effectively advance the visibility, mission and message of the PMML to academic and military communities;
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with local and national universities, identifying the PMML as a resource to the academic community;
  • Act as a subject matter expert on behalf of the PMML;
  • Serve as the administrative head of the PMML Literature Award Screening Committee
  • Work with President and COO of Philanthropic Activities to develop and execute annual budget;
  • Attend and support PMML regularly scheduled and special events, including but not limited to evening events;
  • Develop and deliver reports relevant to PMML operations at both Chicago and Somers campuses as directed/requested by the Board of Directors;
  • Coordinate with TAWANI Enterprises, TAWANI Foundation, Pritzker Military Foundation and other organizational counterparts to support operations and activities;
  • Special projects or assignments as requested by the Board of Directors
  • Work with other Tawani Enterprises contractors as required toward special projects and regular operations