Open Positions

Aircraft Maintenance

A & P Mechanic Bend, Oregon
ACA, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Muskoka, Canada
ACA, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Mississauga, Ontario
ACA, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Dorval, Quebec
ACA, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, YYC Calgary, Alberta
Administrative Assistant Bend, Oregon
Aircraft Painter Dorval, Quebec
Apprentice, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Muskoka, Canada
Apprentice, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Dorval, Quebec
Manager, Maintenance Calgary, Alberta
Summer student Dorval, Quebec
Supervisor, Maintenance Richmond, British Columbia

Charter Sales

Charter Sales Executive - Outside Sales
3 Locations

Customer Service

Customer Service Representative Seattle, Washington
Customer Service Representative Bend, Oregon
Customer Service Representative Napa, California
Customer Service Representative Redmond, Oregon
Customer Service Representative Opa-Locka, Florida
Customer Service Supervisor Napa, California

DO NOT USE: Avionics

Supervisor, Avionics Mississauga, Ontario

DO NOT USE: Maintenance Planning

Director, Procurement Mississauga, Ontario


Facilities Attendant Dorval, Quebec

FBO Operations Management

Manager, FBO Operations Ottawa, Canada
Regional FBO Manager
2 Locations

Flight Attendant

Flight Nurse Helena, Montana
Flight Paramedic Helena, Montana

Flight Operations

Specialist, Crew Support
3 Locations

Information Technology

Senior Technical Analyst Opa-Locka, Florida


Lineservice Attendant Calgary, Alberta
Lineservice Technician Seattle, Washington
Lineservice Technician Bend, Oregon
Lineservice Technician Redmond, Oregon
Lineservice Technician Opa-Locka, Florida
Lineservice Technician Napa, California


Captain, Boeing 737-500 Calgary, Alberta
Captain, Challenger 605 Mississauga, Ontario
Captain, Challenger 650 Mississauga, Ontario
Captain, Citation Excel Mississauga, Ontario
Captain, Falcon 2000 LX Calgary, Alberta
Captain, Falcon 900B Calgary, Alberta
Captain, Gulfstream G550 Mississauga, Ontario
Captain, Gulfstream G650 Mississauga, Ontario
First Officer, Falcon 900B Calgary, Alberta

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