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Meet Your Future Colleagues

Sophie Gault

Sophie Gault
Rennes, France | Associate Staff Systems Engineer

At Silicon Labs, the work environment continuously fosters innovation and improvement of concrete, tangible technologies of everyday life. We are lucky to work within a human size group where the team spirit (or cooperation) is very strong, while belonging at the same time to a world-class company.


Esther Alexander
Austin, Texas | Staff Software Quality Engineer

I like working at Silicon Labs as I am able to drive Software Quality and Compliance from the ground up. I enjoy working in the Quality team as we help to reinforce values of continuous improvement and compliance to standards. Beyond that, I highly admire the various activities that Silicon Labs has in place to give back to the community.

Regine Liu

Regine Liu
Taiwan | Senior Regional Marketing & Communications Manager

Employees at Silicon Labs are friendly and easy to work with. Also, my team members, working peers and business partners are accountable and devoted ourselves to mutual business growth. I usually receive open discussion and timely feedbacks for driving excellence in process.

Matt Dibb

Matt Dibb
Boston, Massachusetts | Sr. Applications Engineering Manager

What I love about Silicon Labs is that I get the sense that the company’s management generally cares about its employees. Whether it’s our safety and health, our benefits and compensation, our technical and professional development resources, or just our desire for socialization, communication, and comradery, the top-level management and site managers work to ensure we have what we need to create a productive, stimulating, collaborative, social environment. This comes through even when we’re working remotely

Rishabh Chana

Rishabh Chana
Hyderabad, India | Design Engineer

The work experience at Silicon Labs is the best, especially working in the laboratories because I get to learn and be exposed to great experiments. Working on Customer related technical problems is really challenging, and I find it pretty interesting to work on. The working environment is very professional and at the same time quite flexible. I have gained much more confidence in my career because of the excellent collaboration and day-to-day communication, which makes me feel connected.

Partik Tarczi

Partik Tarczi
Budapest | Software QA Engineer

At Silicon Labs colleagues are talented and motivated. I feel lucky to work with them, not to mention the unique challenges we drive through together in a daily basis. You can be sure that you can ask questions and receive honest feedback. Belonging to a word-class company motivates me every day.

Laura Quinton

Laura Quinton
Espoo, Finland | Content Marketing Manager

Silicon Labs is brimming with loads of really cool, smart people. It’s a spectrum of diversity and I love that everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas on how to raise the bar. This openness has clearly created the vibrant, empowering culture here, where people feel both supported and inspired. And it manifests at every stage – from recruitment, to onboarding, to the everyday.

Why Silicon Labs

Innovation doesn't start with companies; it starts with people. We put people first in everything we do, whether it’s employees we work with every day, our customers developing new devices, or the people in communities where we operate. Our incredibly talented team is comprised of innovative risktakers pushing the bounds of what’s possible. We're problem solvers first, addressing the industry's biggest challenges to transform industries, grow economies and improve lives.

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