Open Positions

At Revolution Foods we put people first. Our team is made up of talented, entrepreneurial spirited individuals who are driven by a shared mission. We thrive on collaboration, innovation, and creating social impact while delivering kid-inspired, chef-crafted food across the nation. Revolution Foods supports a work environment that is challenging and invigorating. In return, we provide a competitive compensation and benefits package, encouraging talent development, empowerment and diversity.

Account Management / Customer Experience

Job Title Location
Customer Success Coordinator San Lorenzo, California
Customer Success Coordinator Kenner, Louisiana
Customer Success Coordinator La Mirada, California
Customer Success Coordinator (SF) San Lorenzo, California
Customer Success Coordinator (SF) Edison, New Jersey
Program & Services Manager San Lorenzo, California
Program & Services Manager Cheverly, Maryland
Program & Services Manager La Mirada, California
Program & Services Manager Kenner, Louisiana
Programs & Services Manager Edison, New Jersey
Programs & Services Manager Stafford, Texas


Job Title Location
Regional Partnership Coordinator Cheverly, Maryland


Job Title Location
Delivery Driver San Antonio, Texas
Delivery Driver Kenner, Louisiana
Delivery Driver La Mirada, California
Delivery Driver Cheverly, Maryland
Delivery Driver Cheverly, Maryland
Delivery Driver Commerce City, Colorado
Delivery Driver Stafford, Texas
Delivery Driver San Lorenzo, California
Delivery Driver Edison, New Jersey
Delivery Driver El Paso, Texas
Dispatch Supervisor La Mirada, California


Job Title Location
FP&A Manager Oakland, California

Food Service

Job Title Location
Area Operations Manager New York, New York
Area Operations Manager Dallas, Texas
Cook Stafford, Texas
School Server Corpus Christi, Texas
School Server Austin, Texas
School Server Houston, Texas
School Server New Orleans, Louisiana
School Server San Antonio, Texas
School Server Baton Rogue, Louisiana
School Server Denver, Colorado
School Server Euless, Texas
School Server Waco, Texas
School Server El Paso, Texas
School Server Providence, Rhode Island
School Server Nashville, Tennessee
School Server Arlington, Texas
School Server Dallas, Texas
School Server Fort Worth, Texas
School Server (Part-time) Palo Alto, California
School Server (Part-time) Los Angeles, California
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Human Resources

Job Title Location
Director of Human Resources & Strategic Planning Oakland, California


Job Title Location
Remote Market Manager Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Product Development

Job Title Location
Product Development Technician Oakland, California
Regional Product Development Chef Edison, New Jersey


Job Title Location
Assembly Team Lead Cheverly, Maryland
Fulfillment Team Member Stafford, Texas
Fulfillment Team Member Boston, Massachusetts
Fulfillment Team Member ( Night) La Mirada, California
Linebacker Stafford, Texas
Machine Operator Stafford, Texas
Maintenance Team Leader La Mirada, California
Maintenance Technician San Lorenzo, California
Maintenance Technician La Mirada, California
Maintenance Technician Boston, Massachusetts
Packout Team Member Boston, Massachusetts
Production Admin Assistant Cheverly, Maryland
Production Associate La Mirada, California
Production Manager Stafford, Texas
Production Supervisor Stafford, Texas
Production Supervisor Stafford, Texas
Purchasing Manager San Lorenzo, California
Purchasing Manager Edison, New Jersey
Receiver San Antonio, Texas

Quality Assurance

Job Title Location
QA Technician San Lorenzo, California
QA Technician Boston, Massachusetts
QA Technician Kenner, Louisiana
QA Technician La Mirada, California
Quality Assurance Manager San Lorenzo, California
Quality Assurance Manager Edison, New Jersey


Job Title Location
Regional Partnership Manager Boston, Massachusetts
Regional Partnership Manager Houston, Texas