Product Data Analyst

Posted: 05/18/2021
Product Development Dublin, Ohio


Job Title: Product Data Analyst 

Job Summary

The Product Data Analyst will support their Product Development / Technology teams to build next generation applications through data that guides the Product Development Life Cycle. They will engage directly with these teams to understand the key drivers of business success with a focus on value creation. Understanding sources of business value from the key stakeholders will be vital to supporting the quantification of benefit to those departments’ metrics. They will directly support the product development teams in analysis of their products. Also, they will enable those teams to perform basic analysis for simple topics by educating and facilitating democratized data resources (e.g. Date Lake and Data Warehouse). To that end, they will collaborate with the associated departments to ensure Product attributes are well represented in development by the Data Engineering department.

 Essential Roles and Responsibilities 

% of Time Spent

Essential Tasks/Duties/Responsibilities


Internal Product Department Support

1.       Work creatively with our data sources and stakeholders to test potential hypothesis and solutions using statistics, machine learning, or other testing methodologies

2.       Generate concise, well-articulated recommendations for the business

3.       Directly train and support Business Analysts and Product Managers to be able to perform self-service basic SQL and analysis in Excel

4.       Consult with Product Teams during the Product Development Life Cycle to ensure that their Production testing has data and logging in place for immediate research and rapid discovery. This will accelerate the maturation of products by identifying critical insights in the early pilot / test phases.


Partner Department Collaboration (e.g. Sales / Marketing / Operations)

1.       Partner with leaders and Analytics representatives from Sales, Marketing and Call Center Operations to understand how their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are influenced by Product led application development

2.       Establish the direct relationship between their key datasets and product datasets.


Business Intelligence and Data Engineering Collaboration

1.       Work directly with Data Engineers to promote key metrics and datasets into the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Lake

2.       Facilitate utilization of the EDW / Data Lake by Production Applications Development teams to create customized data driven experiences for users of our website and internal applications

3.       Collaborate with Business Analysts and Data Engineers in the creation of data requirements to support application development



 Skills and Qualifications

  • 3-5 years’ experience of Quantitative Analysis experience in the Healthcare, Insurance, or other related Industry.
  • Strong cross-functional skills: communication, collaboration, interpersonal relationship building.
  • Strong command of SQLfor data retrieval and analytics, experience with Python, R, Matlab or other statistics languages and software a plus)
  • Degree(s)/experience in analytical fields which combine quantitative analysis and statistics with qualitative critical thinking such as Economics, Finance, Policy Analysis, Business Strategy/Consultancy, and Marketing Research. Experience with Call Center and Website User behavior analysis a plus.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.