Open Positions


Director of Development Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Psychiatrist for the Dr. Mario Pagenel Fellowship in Global Mental Health Delivery Mirebalais, Haiti


Director of Operations Maryland, Liberia
Medical Informatics Technical Analyst Maryland, Liberia
Monitoring, Evaluation and Medical Informatics Manager Maryland, Liberia
Site Supervisor Maryland, Liberia


PHARMACIST Upper Neno, Malawi
Research Fellow Upper Neno, Malawi


Community Health Worker Program Assistant Chiapas, Mexico
Graphic Design Volunteer for Maternal Health Chiapas, Mexico
Health Information Technology (HIT) Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Logistics, Human Resource, and Volunteer Coordinator Chiapas, Mexico
Maternal Health Program, Community Health Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Maternal Health Program, Monitoring & Evaluation Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Mental Health Program Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Primary Care Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality (MEQ) Intern Chiapas, Mexico
Right to Health Program Intern Chiapas, Mexico
Secondary and Tertiary Care Research Intern Chiapas, Mexico
Social Media Management Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Surgical Nurse Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Volunteer Resident Mentor Chiapas, Mexico

Navajo Nation & Rosebud Indian Reservation

COPE Accounting Clerk Gallup, New Mexico
COPE Program Manager Gallup, New Mexico
Rosebud Maternal & Child Health Coordinator Rosebud, South Dakota
Rosebud Training & Outreach Coordinator Rosebud, South Dakota
Rosebud Youth Leadership Coordinator Rosebud, South Dakota


Oncology Program Administrative Assistant Burera, Rwanda
Oncology Program Pediatrician Burera, Rwanda

Sierra Leone

Maternal Centre of Excellence Consultant
2 Locations
MDR-TB Clinical Manager
2 Locations

United States

Associate Director of Grants Management and Compliance Boston, Massachusetts
Business Development Officer Boston, Massachusetts
Development Coordinator Boston, Massachusetts
Development Coordinator Boston, Massachusetts
Development Officer, Leadership Giving Boston, Massachusetts
Logistics Manager Boston, Massachusetts
Manager of Grassroots Strategy Boston, Massachusetts
Project Manager / Business Analyst - Medical Informatics Boston, Massachusetts
Radiology Program Volunteer Boston, Massachusetts
Senior Foundation Officer, UGHE Boston, Massachusetts
Senior Software Developer - Medical Informatics Boston, Massachusetts

University of Global Health Equity (UGHE)

Accountant Butaro, Rwanda
Campus Operations Manager Butaro, Rwanda
Director of Educational Development and Quality Center
2 Locations
Faculty of Health Sciences Butaro, Rwanda
Front Desk Administrative Assistant Butaro, Rwanda
Head of Basic Science Laboratory Butaro, Rwanda
Head of Simulation Center Butaro, Rwanda
Junior Fellow (Education Track) Butaro, Rwanda
Junior Fellow (Research Track) Butaro, Rwanda
Procurement and Logistics Coordinator Butaro, Rwanda
Student Services Coordinator Butaro, Rwanda

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