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Haiti Finance Grant Manager Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Oncology Director - Medical Oncologist Mirebalais, Haiti
PEPFAR Project Manager Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Human Resource Fellow
2 Locations
Pediatrician/or General Practitioner in Child Health Maryland, Liberia
Safety & Security Officer Maryland, Liberia
Senior Program and Business Development Specialist Monrovia, Liberia


Anestesiólogo Chiapas, Mexico
Basic Community Hospital Physician Mentor Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Chronic Disease Program Assistant & MEQ Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Community Health Worker Program Assistant Chiapas, Mexico
Consultor de Enseñanza Chiapas, Mexico
Coordinación Hospitalaria y Cadena de Suministros Chiapas, Mexico
Coordinador/a de Recursos Humanos Chiapas, Mexico
Coordinador/a de Tecnologías de la Información Chiapas, Mexico
Director de Programas Chiapas, Mexico
Gerente de Finanzas y Administración Chiapas, Mexico
HEAL Initiative Fellow Role Description Chiapas, Mexico
Health Information Technology (HIT) Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Jefa/e de Enfermería (Chief Nurse) Chiapas, Mexico
Jefe de Operaciones Chiapas, Mexico
Maternal Health Program Monitoring & Evaluation Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Maternal Health Program, Community Health Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Photography and Media Volunteer - Communications Team Chiapas, Mexico
Primary Care MEQ Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
Right to Health Program Intern Chiapas, Mexico
Rural Physician Mentor Volunteer Chiapas, Mexico
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Health Information Systems Manager Remote, United States
Psychiatry Fellowship in Global Mental Health Delivery Remote, United States

United States

Advocacy Manager – US Health Policy
2 Locations
Associate Development Officer, Gift Planning Boston, Massachusetts
Award Manager - COVID-19
2 Locations
Business Development Officer - COVID
2 Locations
Communications Lead, U.S. Public Health Accompaniment Unit Boston, Massachusetts
Contract and Compliance Associate Boston, Massachusetts
Coordinator, U.S. Public Health Accompaniment Unit
2 Locations
Copywriter, U.S. Public Health Accompaniment Unit (PHAU)
2 Locations
Development Coordinator Boston, Massachusetts
Educator & Organizer, Coalition of Immokalee Workers, U.S. Public Health Accompaniment Unit
2 Locations
Financial Analyst Boston, Massachusetts
Grants and Compliance Manager Boston, Massachusetts
Graphic Designer, U.S. Public Health Accompaniment Unit (PHAU)
2 Locations
Health Policy Analyst Boston, Massachusetts
Logistics Analyst Boston, Massachusetts
Major Gifts Coordinator Boston, Massachusetts
Manager of Leadership Giving and Donor Relations Boston, Massachusetts
Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis Boston, Massachusetts
Managing Director, Major & Principal Gifts
2 Locations
Motion Graphic Designer
2 Locations
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University of Global Health Equity (UGHE)

Curriculum and Assessment Specialist Butaro, Rwanda
Director of Partnerships Kigali, Rwanda
Faculty for Evidence-Based Global Health Delivery (EBGHD) course Butaro, Rwanda
Faculty, Head (Research Projects and Training) Kigali, Rwanda
Laboratory Assistant Butaro, Rwanda
One Health Coordinator Kigali, Rwanda

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