Open Positions

Academic Operations
Manager, Curriculum Development PACE (Professional and Continuing Education) United States
Academic Coach - Proofreader
10 Locations
Academic Coach - Writing
8 Locations
Data Visualization & Research Analyst
7 Locations
University Alumni Navigator
19 Locations
Office of the President/Legal
Constituent Relations and Database Manager
12 Locations
School of Business
Full Time Professor, School of Business: Accounting/Finance
19 Locations
Full-Time Professor | School of Business | Entrepreneurship United States
Full-Time Professor | School of Business | Research Methods and Designs
20 Locations
Part-Time Professor School of Business: Accounting
12 Locations
Part-Time Professor School of Business: Homeland Security United States
Part-Time Professor School of Business: Marketing United States
Part-Time Professor, School of Business | Entrepreneurship
13 Locations
School of Health Sciences
Part-Time Professor, Health Administration - School of Health Sciences
16 Locations
Part-Time Professor, School of Health Sciences | Nursing United States
School of Social Behavioral Sciences
Director, SSBS Virtual Institute | School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
21 Locations
Part-Time Faculty, Applied Behavior Analysis
9 Locations
Part-Time Faculty, Department of Psychology Industrial Organization United States
Part-Time Professor Social Work United States
Remote | Part-Time Professor | Marriage & Family Therapy
21 Locations
School of Technology
Part-Time Professor, Dissertation Chair | School of Technology
21 Locations
Part-time Professor, School of Technology
12 Locations