Flexforce Talent Access

Management Consulting



What is Flexforce Talent Access? 

Flexforce Talent Access is a community of management consulting professionals and Nav Alumni who apply their experience to project-based contract work. By simply applying, you’ll become part of our outreach program to stay connected with the latest opportunities. 

  • Remove barriers to the experiences you desire 
  • Work from anywhere 
  • Determine your hourly workload commitment availability 

What’s required? 

  • In-demand skills 
  • Relevant experience 
  • Flexibility to deploy quickly 

At Nav, we believe in the power of our 5 Rockstar Attributes. Does this sound like you?

I am aProblem Solver. 

Able to solve problems byanalyzing situations and applycritical thinking to decide oncourses of action andimplement the solutionsdeveloped to overcomechallenges and constraints. 

I exude Executive Presence. 

Individuals that are comfortableconnecting with C-Suite personnel,maintain confidence in difficult orchallenging situations, demonstratescredibility, communicate risk, issues, andchallenge in a high-level, concise way. 

I leverage myStrategic Mindset 

Ability to anticipate and prepare forvarious outcomes that may or may notoccur and eventualities that might unfoldas you execute a project or initiative.  

I am driven by Impact. 

Motivated by success and passionateabout working and achieving higherresults. Looks for ways to improveperformance all the time. Determined toachieve a positive outcome. 

I am aSelf Starter. 

Ability to set and achievegoals, work independently,and take initiative to getthe job done. Someonewith ambition, motivation,and confidence.  

Tactical Requirements: 

  • 4+ years of strategy consulting 
  • Provides clear and consistent communication with the client and team members 
  • Works collaboratively with team peers, clients and leadership 
  • Builds project plans, communication plans, and document current state business processes with narrative
  • Develops quality work products and deliverables within expected scope and timeframe that demonstrates strong competency
  • Contributes to creative solutions to solve client business problems 

Specialties We Desire: 

  • Change Management 
  • Culture Transformation 
  • Customer Experience Strategy Design 
  • Process Improvement 
  • Digital Enablement 
  • Operating Model Design