Bus Intell Data Administrator

Munson Healthcare Traverse City, Michigan United States Clin and Bus Intelligence Full-Time Day shift

Requisition #: 50063
Total hours worked per week: 40
Salary Range: $36.32 - $59.13



The Business Intelligence Data Administrator will be responsible for supporting the technical infrastructure of Munson’s Dimensional Insight BI platform and administering security and access controls. The candidate ideally should have experience with relational databases, Linux, data oriented programming languages, and an understanding of healthcare data and analytics and the associated HIPAA compliance requirements. Successful candidates will be a team player who has positive experience in customer service with a can-do attitude.


  • Bachelor’s degree required. 
  • Three to five years of experience in a relevant IT role supporting customers. 
  • At least two years of experience working with relational databases, data warehouses and business intelligence platforms. 
  • 1+ years’ experience in Linux, RHEL preferred.
  • Strong analytical and integrative skills including ability to formulate and draw conclusions.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of design, implementation and maintenance of relational databases and data models.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of metadata management and data governance practices.
  • Knowledge of data-oriented languages preferred (e.g. SQL, VBA, Python, R, NoSql/Hadoop).
  • Knowledge of a modern programming language preferred (e.g. Java, C#, Perl, Ruby).
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office tools.
  • Healthcare experience preferred.
  • Experience with Dimensional Insight and/or Cerner HealtheIntent preferred.


This position is under the supervision of the System Director of Clinical & Business Intelligence.

This position does not have direct supervisory responsibility, although may give direction to other department members in the course of project management.

Must be able to work independently and prioritize projects as assigned by various individuals.

  1. Support the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson Healthcare.
  2. Embrace and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare.
  3. Promote personal and patient safety.
  4. Work both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  5. Oversee routine data submission and maintain data that is used to populate Munson’s business intelligence platforms.
  6. Administer security within system including design, control, and consultation with developers. Work with users requesting access to understand needs.
  7. Monitor system usage and performance, including nightly production data builds.
  8. Perform code migrations, acting as the control-point to assure standard processes are followed. 
  9. Perform package upgrades and fixes with software vendor.
  10. Act as point-of-contact to system administrators on technical issues and upgrades to OS and tools.
  11. Create and maintain reference tables used in Munson’s business intelligence system.
  12. Identify and resolve data governance/ data integrity problems.
  13. Develop and maintain rigorous processes supporting the transition of BI content from development to test to production.
  14. Serves as a resource to others in the design and implementation of data warehouse security.
  15. Use various tools and protocols to transfer data and scripts between environments as required.
  16. Develop and maintain structures that support effective, efficient storage of project documents.
  17. Report on usage and access related to content in the data warehouse.
  18. Assist in the collection of data for use in reporting and quality improvement.
  19. Establish trusted consultative relationships with a variety of end users.
  20. Perform all other duties as assigned.